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50 States Game

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I got 33 right for a score of 64.70. My average error was 184 miles.

Pretty good for a Canadian.
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Someone posted this awhile back too- I sucked really bad!
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Hey I did a lot better this time

48/51 perfect
Score 94.11
Avg error 6 miles
time 264 seconds!
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38/50 Score was 74.50
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this is what I got when I tried to access the site "Forbidden by rating check ". Oh well....
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Here's my score

102 Average Error
216 Seconds
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
this is what I got when I tried to access the site "Forbidden by rating check ". Oh well....
Yes, you never know how naughty a geography quiz can be...

94.11 with less than 4 mile error. Would have taken less time but had to go to full screen and adjust to get to Alaska and Hawaii.
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That was fun!! I got 78.43 and 49 miles. Not too bad. It is hard to guess where Arkansas is when there is nothing around it yet!! It is right next to my state!! Also, Hawaii was a bit tricky. I couldn't pick it up, and scroll down to get to it at the bottom... sneaky!!
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I did better the 2nd time around!


37 Average Error
185 Seconds
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My score was 82.35
Avg Error was 30(Would have been less but it sucks that you have to get it in the EXACT spot. I was off my CENTIMETERS on most! I knew where they went it just wasn't in the exact spot )
Time: 249 seconds

Not too shabby....
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43/51 perfect
Score: 84.31
Avg Error: 33 miles
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44/51, avg error 49 miles, score 86.7
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43 out of 51 perfect turns... average error 24 miles, score 84. when i did flub up, i flubbed up big time! did much better on the coastal & southern states. people travel to the coastal areas [former travel agent] & i live in the south.
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