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A friend of mine is a volunteer with a local cat rescue. They have 2 kittens that they are having a hard time figuring out how to list their colors. I don't have pictures right this moment. But I should be getting some later today. But I can try to explain what they look like.

Kitten 1: is tabby colored but with some oddities in there. His stripping is very clear and well defined. But from what I saw his chest area looked almost black and white stripped. Also the bands are on the thin side not overly thick. And on his back there are some golden/orange patches. But they seem to blend it. They don't stand right out. The volunteer thinks he maybe a bengal (sp) mix.

Kitten 2: Very cute and vocal. Remember the post about the woman with the Siamese Bobcat mix kittens. Well this girl came from that litter. There is no Bobcat in this girl. She is medium hair from what I saw. She is mostly white but has patches. Some are gray tabby dilute patches. And orange dilute patches. The patches are on the large side but still mostly white. You can not even tell Siamese is in her at all.

Know without pictures this is hard. But from what I described what would you call those colors.