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Ugly Betty Watchers?

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Does anyone like and watch Ugly Betty? I love the show but I was so upset at how they ended the first season - I was in tears and really didn't understand why they had a "comedy" end up so sad.
Anyone else watch the show?
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I adore this show and was so sad I missed the finale. Can you please pm me to tell me what I missed.
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
I adore this show and was so sad I missed the finale. Can you please pm me to tell me what I missed.
I didn't get to watch it either, what happened? I hadn't watched it in a few weeks tho
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I watched it in the very beginning, but then kinda became an every once in awhile watcher and just started watching it reagularly again the last few weeks... i was also very sad, everything ended badly!!!
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Somebody please tell us what happened....we're dying here.
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Love the show but I'm not a big fan. As someone that saw the original version, (Columbian) I am disappointed with the US and Mexican version.

You can watch last night episode at
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I started watching about three episodes away from the season finale, but quite enjoyed the series. And yeah ... what a sad way to end everything!
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
Somebody please tell us what happened....we're dying here.
In a nutshell: (BTW I am lousy at remembering names)

1 - Betty is fixing dinner for her cute acct. boyfriend henry when his old girlfriend shows up and tells him she is pregnant. He gets on a plane to go back to Indiana(?) with her
2 - Her nephew gets to play Tony in West Side Story at school and can't snap his fingers. His father teaches him how & says he will come to the play
3-Wilhomena gets engaged to Daniels father
5- Daniel's mother escapes from prison
6-While the nephew is singing on stage (I can't remember the song) but they have him singing with all sorts of "montages" happening:
Betty finds out that Henrys GF was sleeping w/ her dentist and wants to go catch him at the airport. Meanwhile Daniel od's on pills and Alexis drives him to a clinic - the car crashes and the last thing you see of them is both bleeding in the car. Santo ( the nephews dad) goes to a convenience store and is shot by a robber.... The police show up at Bettys door and she has to go to the school and get her sister out of the play and tell her that Santo is dead.
Other stuff happens, but the death of Santo, the accident and the way it was done to the music of West Side Story really shocked and surprised me!
Especially since I had come to like Santo and how his relationship was developing with his son.
Now I am so depressed and can't believe that there are no more episodes till next fall!
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I love UGLY BETTY, and yes, I was shocked by the way the season ended. But remember this isn't entirely a comedy, more of a Dramedy, I guess that word is still in use.
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Oh thats so sad I can't believe he died!!
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But do we know for sure that he died?? Maybe in hospital in bad condition??
They sure had lots of stuff going on in the last few minutes of the show-gotta wait till September now..
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Well, we don't know for sure that Santos died. Whilamena actually showed she had a heart when she traded her wanted wedding date at the chapel to get Mark back...

The baby could be the orthodontists..

My sister is of the opinion that Santos is dead, but personally I think the show will lose something if they kill off his character.. I'm going to firmly believe that Santos is just shot and in the hospital, darnit, until the season starts next year and proves me wrong. Although honestly, I can't think of any other reason for the police coming to the house... I would have thought the hospital would have called if he was just injured, even seriously.

Here's to hoping that Ignacio gets to come back to the US. Figures that the moment that Daniel and Alexis actually start to bond again, it's confuddled by the fact that the hitman got the brake lines.

I mean JEEZZZZ could *ANYTHING**** else go wrong on the season finale????? The only thing that went right is that and darnit I can't remember his name, the accountant... probably isn't gonig to be stuck with ms thing pretending to be ohsoinnocent while playing the field. I just want to smack that impertinent witch.
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