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Why Why Why did she do that...

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Rant here. My mom just went and got a puppy today. A toy fox terrier. From a breeder but at least she did not pay for her. The breeder just gave my mom the pup. But thats not the main part of my rant. The main part is she wants to feed her Pedigree . I am not happy about that at all. I am so trying to convince her to get something better than that but she is not hearing none of that. I tried to tell her how much Ping is on better food. He poops less often and its solid and not stinky. But no the breeder feeds Pedigree so it must be good. I tried to tell her to at least get Purina One because that is at least a little better than Pedigree. But I don't think she will buy it. I am honestly thinking of just getting her a bag of a good mid to higher grade food next time I am getting Ping's food. And just tell her to try it and see the difference. Sigh....

But I will tell you this....this pup will get spayed and I told her that. Even if I have to pay for it it will be done. I told her to find a vet and get an quote on about how much it will cost. So that I can get the money is part or whole to get her done. Her last dog was not spayed and died giving birth. I will not allow that to happen again. Period.

Ok I feel better.
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Why did she get a dog?
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Sorry to hear hun. I don't know too much about Pedigree (my mom fed our family dog Alpo at first then switched to Nutro) or any other dog foods.

Well as long as she gets the dog spayed and the puppy is happy & healthy then that's all that really matters.
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I have no idea. After she lost the last dog (about a month ago) she said it would be a long long time before she got another. She said she was not ready and its to much work for her. And that after very little time my other family members in the house lose interest in the dogs and everything falls on her. Than bang she gets a puppy. I think my step dad and them talked her into it.
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If you're looking for a cheap, but actually pretty healthy dog food Walmart has a brand called Maxximum. The first ingrediant is either Lamb or Chicken (depending on which bag you get), and it's about $13 for a 20# bag, not a bad price.

I feel for you though, my mom has a lab mix female, without a collar/microchip, who's also intact. She gets loose regularly (my mom doesn't have a fence, and lets the dog wander around her yard), and I'm sure she's either pregnant, or going to be very soon. She doesn't like the dog, doesn't want her, but I can't keep her with two of my own.

Good luck talking some sense into her, and great job in being on the forefront of her spay!
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Ok sso those of you on here with dogs which of these are a good mid priced dog food:

California Natural
Chicken Soup
Eagle Pack
Natures Recipe
Nutro Max, Nutro Natural Choices, Nutro Ultra (I have some coupons for this brand)
Royal Canin
Solid Gold
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Out of the brands you listed, I would suggest Eagle Pack or Innova. If you're curious, I know of a great great wonderful resource for dog people, http://forum.dog.com/asp/ they have any kind of question you can think of, and then some!

Those two brands are a little too expensive for me, but I'm a starving recent-collage student, lol. That's why I suggested Maxximum, but if you're able to pay for Eagle Pack or Innova I say go for it!

The dog forum also has great suggestions of other brands, if you're interested.

Good luck!
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