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Do you smoke?

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Do you smoke - have you ever smoked? If you are a smoker, how do non smokers make you feel?

I used to smoke. After I had 3 youngish relatives (in their 40s) die from smoking related causes within 2 years, I quit. That was almost 15 years ago. There are times I still miss it (although with my asthma it is a good thing I quit). Occasionally I'll still light up a good quality cigar (yes cigar).
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Nope, I'm not a smoker. John is tho, and it doesn't bother me. My dad is a smoker too, and my mom is on occasion. I tried smoking when I was in high school, but I just thought it was gross! So I just never did it again.
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Nope, I don't smoke, but my parents do, and I don't like it. I don't have anything against smokers, I just hate how my mum will smoke whilst I'm sat in the same room as her, with no windows or doors open.
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I smoked Marlboro red kings for 24 years, quit 3 1/2 years ago. Second best thing I ever did for myself. (First was getting the Harley. )

I miss it sometimes, but I don't miss being sick so much, I don't miss the coughing and I sure as all heck don't miss being such a slave to the coffin nails or the money I used to spend on them.

I did not turn into "one of those" former non-smokers that judge smokers harshly, however, I can't have anyone smoke in my car or my house, because it makes me WANT ONE.

And I abjectly REFUSE to EVER pick up a cigarette again. Until, maybe, they tell me I've got only a couple of hours to live, then PASS ONE OVER and GIVE ME A LIGHT!
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My mum used to smoke fairly heavily, but as soon as she got pregnant with my older brother she quit and has never picked one up since. Nobody in my extended family really smoked, and we were always really active, and did a lot of sport, so nobody I hung around with never smoked either.

So no - I tried it once to be cool and thought it was the most disgusting thing. I hate going out anywhere that's smoky - my eyes and throat burn from it. My DH is very anti-smoking as well, so hopefully we can set a good example to our kids!
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I have smoked since I was 16 and quit cold turkey 2 years ago.

I wish I would have never started but being smoke free I can run without wheezing and coughing and I finally can breathe better again. I quit because it was making me sick and now I don't think I'd go back, ever. I think that's probably the worst choice I have ever made to smoke but of course I was pressured into it by my cousin.

my mom does smoke, though. I wish she'd quit.
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I have never smoked, never tried smoking. It grosses me out to no end. I can't be around people who smoke real heavily as I get nauseaus(sp?).
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I am a smoker. I started when I was around 11..started smoking every day when I was around 13. I smoke kool menthols. If someone doesn't want to be around smoke it doesn't bother me...I respect that.
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Quitting smoking is easy. I did it 4 times.
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ewww gross.... no way & never....
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I am not a smoker, but my Father was when I was younger. For some reason, when I walk past someone who is smoking I like to breathe in a smell But I cannot handle being in an enclosed area with smoke.
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I smoke, I have for several years since I was 11-12 My whole family here smokes, I wish my mom would cut down though I am still working on that My best friend doesn't smoke but her mom does and it never bothers here, I try not to smoke around non smokers though! But most of my friends are smokers, but what I hate is people that have the habit but cant afford it and they always call u And of course I smoke Newport box 100's
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I use to smoke but I have been smoke free for 4-5 years. I lost count...well wait there was a break down about 3 years ago, but that lasted for a week.

Anyways, fiance smokes and normally I don't mind, but the kind he smokes is parliament lights. IMO they smell HORRIBLE and they make his breath taste bad.
He won't change brands though because he likes their taste too much.

He tried quitting earlier this year, but failed after one day. I guess I don't mind, but I really just gag and hate the parliament lights (mainly because I'm hesitant about kissing him).
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I don't smoke, my dad smoked all my life and my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me but quit when I was born. I have asthma and am extremely allergic to cigarette smoke, so I cannot be around it at all... I get very sick if I'm even in the same room as the smoke.
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I smoked for about 2 years until I realized that I stunk and I got a nasty cough so I stopped.
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No I don't and I despise it more than anything.
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I love cigarettes, but I made the decision to lead a non-smoking lifestyle almost 2 years ago. Since doing that, my health has improved trememdously. I used to get strep throat every year -- now, I haven't even had a cold in 2 years. It was the best thing I could have ever done for my health
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I used to! been quit for about 20 weeks now (yes I am still counting that closely ) I LOVE to smoke, the only reason I quit was because I couldn't afford it anymore I smoked Camel special lights, the most divine cigarette on earth I'm glad I quit, don't get me wrong, but I could start again at the drop of a hat and be just as happy I think, is that weird or what?? I can totally smell it now though, I go to my parents' house, both of who smoke, and I come home and my clothes smell yucky
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I smoke *walkes away in shame*
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I am a reformed smoker. I quit October 31, 2005!! YAY!! My husband smokes though. He tries not to smoke too much around me. He doesn't smoke in my new car either. I had no idea how bad it smelled until I quit and smell it on other people. I am very sensitive to it. I have no desire to start smoking again.
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Yes, been smoking since 7th grade, when everyone did in those days. There wasn't any (smoking awarness program for students) back then. Everyone hates it when I smoke, I have to go hide and have a smoke like a felon.

Congratulations to all who quit!!!

I am not in the market to quit anytime soon.

BTW, to clean out my lungs, all I have to do is take a deep breath of cat fur. Cleans out my lungs instantly!
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Never smoked though my parents both smoked. It was the only big thing I ever fought with them about because I can't stand the smell and the smoke makes me nauseous and gives me headaches.

Edit - I never took laundry home either - didn't want it to smell like smoke.
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No, I quit back on April 14, 1990. Cold turkey! Haven't had a cigarette since. However, even after all of this time I still get the occasional driving urge to have a cigartette. I force myself to ride it out and it eventually does pass, but it can take hours and hours, or even a couple of days. I know I'm one cigarette away from being a pack a day smoker, so I have to make myself resist the urge when it strikes.

My Mom died in 1978 from emphysema. She was sooooo sick for years with breathing problems (asthma, pleurisy, pneumonia etc) and in the last few years of her life spent weeks and months at a time in a hospital intensive care ward where she eventually died from heart failure.

I've always been the sickly one in the family and my doctor kept telling me to "Keep smoking and die, or quit and live" Ironically when I quit it was for financial reasons, not health ones. I had been laid off of my job and it was taking forever to get my UIC payments (long story short, they mixed up my claim with my cousin-in-law who has the same name as mine, but spells her first name "Lynda" while mine is spelled "Linda", and she was going on maternity leave). It took 6 months instead of 6 weeks for me to get my first UIC cheque!!! I had to decide between eating and having a roof over my head or smoking.
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Absolutely not! The act of smoking is filthy and disghusting. Not to mention- causes a plethera of health issues (and gives off second hand smoke).I have asthma- even the slightest hint of smoke makes me very sick. With all of the research and facts out there proving how bad smoking is- i just do not see how people continue to make excuses for lighting up- it's stupid! Smoking kills...plain and simple...i've seen several of my loved ones die as a result of their decision to start smoking.
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I started smoking when I was 14 and quit in 1998 My mother quit a year after I did after 30+ years of being a smoker ....now I just have to get my hubby on the bandwagon
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Ok I am going to be 110% honest here!

I smoked from 11yrs old-21 yrs old... smoked 2 pks marlboro reds a day then I quit July 2006....


like in February 2007 I started smoking those clove cigerettes. I feel so aweful. i want to stop now AGAIN! But my boyfriend and our roommate smoke so it's hard to 'get away from it'

i feel ashamed of MYSELF!!
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When I was growing up, just about all of my family smoked, including my brother (8 years older) who started by buying one at a time from the guy in the corner store when he was 7 or 8 -- my Mum hit the roof when she found that out! Both my parents eventually gave it up, but my brother is still puffin' away 60 years later.

I tried a smoke when I was 14 or so, and out with friends who were passing one around. It didn't make me sick or anything, but I couldn't help thinking "You guys are spending your allowance on THIS???" and never touched one again.

Before it was fully known how bad it was, or that second hand smoke was as bad or worse, I had ashtrays for smoking visitors and considered that part of my hospitality. I still have ashtrays, but they are in a drawer, and only come out when my brother visits. He's very good about not smoking around non-smokers, or indoors. If he disappears, you can be pretty sure he's on the back porch having a smoke.
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Yep actually I am smoking right now. I have been smoking for 9 years now. Wish I never started. I used to hate smokers and would lecture mom & nana about it. I want to quit but don't have the will power. DH is smoke free for 2 years now.
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I'm the only one in my family who's never smoked
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I think it is interesting that people who are so against smokers/smoking and call smokers names will gladly drink themselves silly. Booze is addictive, smells bad, KILLS people every day, kills brain cells permanently yet those who hate smokers drink with with a clear conscience.

I just don't get the inconsistency here. Both are legal, both stink, both kill but alchohol is somehow more acceptable. Is it the media? News reports?

I don't want to turn this into an IMO thing on this thread. After reading the responses so far, I think it is sad that smokers are hiding their heads in shame while non-smokers feel it is okay to bash them.

Until those who bash others are themselves some version of heavenly perfection, I believe they should rethink bashing. Thanks!
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