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Just wanted to introduce myself

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I found this site yesterday and it has been a great help to me even in the short period of time that I've had a chance to look through. I wanted to introduce myself.
I actually typed the user name that I wanted incorrectly lol It was supposed to be Andrea727, but oh well. I'll stick with Andre.
Anyway, we have 3 cats and 1 dog. One of the cats we picked up as a stray about 8 weeks ago and found out that she was pregnant about 2 weeks ago... I know, you'd think I'd have noticed it sooner, but I've never ever had pregnant cats before. She was pregnant before we picked her up because she hasn't been out since.
Cats names are Katie (she was pre-named), Ogo (like oh-go), and Mishugana (we call her Mushy for short). Dog's named Sasha.

here are some pics of Mushy, my pregnant cat :
this is mushy with our st. bernard

and mushy laying on the floor at the vet, showing off her belly

mushy, mushy and more mushy

Ogo :

Katie :

Katie was a bit younger in this picture...

Can't quite figure out how to get bigger pics here... It's only letting me use thumbnails...
Anyway, glad to be here and can't wait for the new kitties! They should be here any day!
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Thank goodness you took Mushy in! I cannot imagine the poor thing have kittens who knows where.

Your entire family is beautiful! A St. Bernard....I take it your not squeamish about slobber?
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Welcome to you Andrea and your lovely fur family to TCS!

This is a very good forum for great advice about your cat's pregnancy, the birth of the kittens, their health/development and the spaying of mum cat/the kittens..and of course cute photos lol! So welcome aboard.

If you are not happy with your username, there is a moderator called 'Hydroaxe'...he might be able to change your user id for you to what you want it to be? I usually pass all my 'techy' queries onto him.
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Thank you very much. I'll try to see if I can get my name changed through Hydroaxe.
Actually, we lucked out with the St. Bernard. My husband had been looking for St. Bernards and it just so happened that we found one at the SPCA about one hour away. So, we drove out there and there were about 4 people waiting to see her. As soon as they opened the doors, we walked to the front desk and told them we wanted to adopt her. The kicker is, the total adoption cost was $100... she's a 9 month old purebred St., perfect health, and we believe that she is a dry mouth...so little if any slobber!
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
your have a beautiful fur family , thank you for sharing, and thank you for taking mushy in your an angel.
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Welcome Andrea!
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