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Argh! Customers can be so rude!

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We had booksigning last night. I didn't get out of work until almost midnight!

Nearly a thousand people came, and had I not been working it would have been really awesome. But somehow I managed to be crowd control, and I kept having to cut the lines off.

For starters, some of what happened was a mistake, not mine, but someone at the store. We had a signing before the event--which wasn't supposed to happen-- and there were hundreds of people in line and only one hour! Then we had to switch locations in the middle, and the people who were in line first for the booksigning were supposed to be in line first for the rest, so we handed out tickets. All week we had been telling people they didn't need tickets, because until 3 o'clock yesterday they didn't! Then they decided to use these tickets for the booksigning after the event except someone told me to take them at the door so I did... which was wrong, but not my fault! then I got to cut off the line at the end too!

People were so MAD. Understandably, but why were they mad at me? I think I was verbally abused and/or threatened by at least 100 people last night. Cursing at me, threatening to hit me, one of them called me the c- word even! Wouldn't it be pretty obvious that it's probably not my decision? Wouldn't it be more obvious that cussing me out isn't going to make me want to help you? There were people who got there at like 1 pm to wait in line. Then there were people who showed up at 11:00 pm and were mad they couldn't get in line.

I almost started crying at one point. And to make it worse, my creepy manager started rubbing my back *shudder* although he apologized when I pulled away and said he was sorry if it was inappropriate. I think it was innocent, this was when I was really upset and he knew it-- but it didn't help any.

Oh and people could drink too. That was helpful. 1000 angry drunk people and somehow everything was my fault. Seriously. To make it more fun, I told my manager about it and noone else had told her how they were being treated so she said "well you're the only one" in a tone that meant either I was doing something wrong, or I was lying! Then she asked everyone else who told her the same thing, so at least she didn't think it later, but at that time it made me feel even worse!

Argh! Well, at least we sold like 500 books. Not that I'll ever see any of it. His publicist was really nice, he's sending me a copy of the book. But the fans, oh the fans. I'm not sure if it was a product of us messing it up a little (which was because everything changed every five minutes on us, including after people were already in line) or just the people or what.
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Sounds rough - who was doing the signig?

Hopefully you got to go home and have a good night's sleep!
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I really hate people some days!!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I really hate people some days!!
You're better than me. Most days I really hate people (but only the cranky, nasty ones)
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