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A couple pics of the new babies!

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I finally scrounged up some batteries to snap a couple new pics of the babies....

Trotter stealing my pillow...

Fluffernutter getting ready to pounce on Cali...

"Do you really think you can outsmart me boy...It aint gonna happen"

Cali Fluff and Trotter all sitting

Cali just hanging out..

Trotter in his new favorite spot on my shoulder while Im on the puter!
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Alright, where'd the cuteness warning go? They're all such beautiful babies!!
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Whoops...I didnt think they looked that cute....I didnt think it applied here...Im going to give them baths tonight and do some nail clipping for the littlest ones. Then get some good wet kitty pics...Ill make sure to post the warning then!!!
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They are adorable!
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Awwww their all gorgeous Is it the picture or is there something wrong with the little calis eyes?
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They are just soooo PRECIOUS Such cuties
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Oh! That is just precious!!!
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Oh my, they are all just soooo cute!!
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Are you sure Trotter is a boy?

They are all sooooo cute.
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I was wondering about the eyes too. They are very cute though.
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Awww so tiny and cute
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I still question if Trotter is a boy or not...Dave says he is Im sticking with waiting till hes older to find out or let the vet tell me when I get him fixed...
When I took those pics the babies still had a lil goopyness around the bottom of their eyes...Now they are all cleaned out and Calis are amazing looking..She looks like a whole new kitty...I gave her a bath and got all the ickyness off her eyes, which she wasnt happy about. But it worked out and since then she hasnt had any problems with her eyes.
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glad to hear that they are precious!
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