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got an udate on theo

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for those of you who dont know the story heres a quick recap.
a lady from my childrens school asked me to take on a male cat she had him for 3 days but her own cat didnt get on with him , the lady she took him from wanted rid of him , i was told he was 4 months old had been fleed/wormed etc

when i picked him up he was older then 4 months , but this didnt make a difference to myself. i brought him home and he started spraying , so i booked him in to be neutered and a genral health check. he was about 18 months old , covered in flees and had worms, was very underweight but apart from that in good health

i did introductions slowly with my other cats , but he hated them would attack them and was just a nasty cat to them , but towards us he was a love bug. he had food aggressions so had to have 4 small meals a day to get his weight back up , after 3 months it was clear he needed a home with no other cats , he also refused to use a litter box when i let him roam around the house but when he was on his own he would use it , so i thought it must be because the others would use any box that was put down.

so i begain looking for a home , i had a few people contact me , but because he had very long fur and needed a daily brushing to control the matting , i didnt get any intrest.

finally i started talking to a nice bloke and his son whos cat recently passed away so was looking for an adult male. they had no other animals so we went from there.

its been about 2 months now and his settled in great , no problems with the litter box , no problems with food and his just so happy because of the problems and because of kitten season we nearly gave up hope of him finding his forever home.

thought i would just let you all know
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Aww that awesome that you found him a new home and hes doing great....
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Well done, you have made one happy cat and two happy people
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I am so glad that you were able to find him the purrfect home!
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