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my cat

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Hi I have a cute cat who loves to bite on my engagement ring. Any ideas why she does it? Thanks, Mary
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Just the ring?
Maybe because it's shiny? or it could be because she thinks this foreign thing shouldn't be on your hand.

My cats never seemed to notice after the initial check over to see what they were, my baby turtles are quite attracted to the rings though.
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Welcome to TCS!!!

I have on cat who is attracted to shiny things. Rings, necklaces, shiny earrings, etc. I call her "my little crow". Otherwise, I have no idea why your kitty would be so attracted to your ring!
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My cat will steal my earrings and necklaces off the dresser if I leave them there. I try to remember to put them away because she could swallow them and choke. I think its because they are shiny.
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Maybe she wants her own little bling-bling!! Or, she's jealous that you have a different love in your life, not just her.

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I had a cat that had a thing for money. Would break into wallets and carry off paper bills. His sister in the meantime was highly attracted to the smell of mint, she was known to run off with , and chew large amounts of gum, and attempt to insert her head into the mouth of anyone with minty breath.
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Jeez, I don't know. My cat, Loki, does the same thing with my ring. I just figured he's really playful(/annoying!). He also bats at my necklace, tries to chew on buttons and the necklace. When I adopted him I was wearing my necklace and my sister was wearing a shirt with buttons, which he took turns trying to chew on, yet I still took him home! He also likes to try to chew on my glasses. I just make sure I keep all these things put away where he can't get to them. Unfortunately, once I didn't put my glasses away and I woke up to one of the ends chewed. Moron.

He's over 2, too, so it's not him being a kitten. He's just bitey. Sometimes he likes to chomp down on me (not very hard). He likes to bite my feet and my toes, which I'm not particularly fond of, so sometimes I have to watch him. It's not him getting over-stimulated, either; sometimes he's just a little jerk!

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