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Kitten pictures

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Well seeing as Bundy hasn't been well I thought I'd post some more pictures.
Everyone has been keen to see some more pictures of her kittens and when we visited them at the end of October Lee took some pictures of them.
They're not current photos but I thought you'd like to see them anyway

The first one kinda looks like a "couch stand-off" between Vegemite and
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Thread Starter cute!
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Climb every mountainnnnnnnnnn!
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Piglet posing...hehe...
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Piglet again...
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And finally...another one of Amelie...
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Oh they are just ADORABLE!!!! What a bunch of cuties!!! Love the one of Piggy on his back!! Look at those pink paws!! MMMM!!
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Too cure for words!!! What a posse of pretty kitties! I bet they've grown lots since these pics were taken too (hint - MORE piccies)!!!
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Thank you thank you thank you! I was missing the babies so I had to look at the ones she sent me during an IM awhile back. I kept them on my hard drive at home and I was oohing and aahing over them last night! Bundy - we need updated baby pics!
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Thanks for the kitten fix, Panther. They are all soooooo cute! I love the kitten tummy, I just want to kiss that tummy!!
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I want to go home and hug my kitties. Think my boss would mind?
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Oh how I love kitty bellies! Is that Veggie's belly I see?? :tounge2:
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Yay, cute kitties, I want one, I want 10
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Oh they are all absolutely precious! Thanks so much for sharing the pics! :tounge2:
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Are dose guys sweet or what? I love them! So cute. Thanks Panther!

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Thread Starter problems at all. I'm glad to help everyone get a cute kitten fix...hehe
Yep the one of Vegemite's tummy is very cute isn't it!
I'm sure they've grown heaps since we took those photos. We don't have any recent photos but I'm sure Leslie has lots of them.

Hey Leslie maaaaaaaaaate if you're reading this you'd better post some new pics or send me some and I'll post them for you.

Demand has exceeded my supply here...LOL
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Thank you xo very, very much for the fix!!
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No problem at all. I'm glad everyone enjoyed them
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Oh your kitties are so adorable!!!! I just love kittens!!!
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Kittens kissem cute little mittens whisker ticklins:dali:
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So cute! I love the little tummy too! Well, they're all sweet.
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