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a bit worried

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was just checking the kittens there 6 days old to day. and the tabby one has an unusualy large stomach? dont get me wrong all there bellys are nice and round and full but this one dosnt look right , it looks far to big and a bit hard?? i tried stimulating him just incase it was that , but all he did was wee. should i get a vet to check him ? i know the other day he was pooing fine when i saw fluffy cleaning him.?
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Do you think it could be worms? Safest bet is to get the vet to check the little one over if you are concerned.

6 days - they're eyes will be opening in the next few days
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yes one of the little black ones started to open y/day so still the corners are open.
thats what i was thinking maybe worms, but i know the vets wont do nowt about that untill there at least 3 weeks. fluffy was wormed last in janaury so i know shes due end of this month. but since she hasnt been out for the past 2 months i wouldnt have thought it be that. but i will see if i can get an appointment later if not it will be monday now. thanks
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Hi Tasha,

How is little one doing now?

Emma x x
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hi just catching this thread - how things today with the little fella
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everything went back to normal so i will wait untill there 3 week check before taking them down. all eyes have opend now and there doing great. thanx for asking.
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