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Today is Spay Day!!

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Pepper finally gets spayed today!

I know I don't post a lot but if you all could spare some good vibes for us for this afternoon it would mean the world. I'm so nervous even though I've been through it before. Pepper of course has no idea what's going on

My furbabies are all so mad at me cause there's no food this morning. I can't wait to pack her up so I can feed the others and be loved again!

Thanks everybody!
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It doesn't matter how often you post sweetie!!! When someone asks for vibes/prayers and all, that's when TCS friends will offer them.
I am sending some your way for a wonderful outcome and a healthy recovery.
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Sending good vibes for Pepper! She will be fine. And, I know the other critters are pretty upset..been there done that! Just let us know how it goes.
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Sending good vibes for Pepper{{{{{}}}}}
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Well, I dropped her off and Little Miss Hissy Pants wanted none of it! I haven't heard her hiss like that since she was 2 months old!!

The vet said I could call around 1pm to see how it went (it's 10am here in Jersey) so only a couple hours to go. I'll post later once I know anything.

Misty and Claire were thrilled to FINALLY get their breakfast. Sorry girls!
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Good luck...Waiting is the hardest part....Everything will be fine, even tho she will probably be mad at you afterwards...
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Sending many good vibes to Pepper!!
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and I'm a little upset! All they said was she's doing fine and I can call tomorrow to find out what time to pick her up. I'm having an anxiety attack over here and that's all I get!?!?!

I know I only spoke with either a tech or a receptionist and they are very busy. But still! Doing fine? Did she handle the anesthisia well or not, is she awake? I asked if there were any problems and she said no, so I guess that's a good thing.

I love this vet and they are usually very responsive to their customers and all so I won't make a big deal out of it, maybe they are just having a rough day and you know what? They're allowed!
/sorry, rant over.

I am very glad that everything went ok and she'll be home with me by this time tomorrow!!
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I am glad everything went well still sending some calming vibes and a quick recovery vibes ur guys' way Please keep us updated on everything
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I'm glad everything went well. My Tinker goes on Monday.
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I'm glad everything went so good.
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