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Stripey wanted an appearance : )

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First a few older piccies!

I love this one

You can see his cutesy paws in this one!

Stripey with my mum

And some pics from last night to finish with!

Time for bed!
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I had a Stripey growing up! What a handsome guy
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those are great pics.
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Awww, Stripey, you are so so cute!
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aww well tell him we are glad to meet him he looks a total sweetheart
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Stripey is beautiful, such unique coloring. He looks like a smoke tabby. I don't even know if that is possible. Hopefully GoldenKitty will comment on his color.
Oh or even better send his pitures to Abymummy and see if she will post him in her "what color is this cat game". He would be excellent!
He certainly looks like a special boy!
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O Stripey, u are gorgeous and ur coloring U are so gorgeous
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Thank you for the lovely comments about my lil sweety, we both appreciate them
I love this section of TCS, so many adorable kitties!!

Lots of people who visit often comment on his markings and colour
He's pure white, then grey, then slightly darker grey/smoky black on top with a few browny patches... It's quite bizarre!

Here he is again looking rather mischievous, lolloped on the kitchen counter! There's no telling him!

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He does have very unusual markings and hes so very handsome too!
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He looks so soft and cuddly Looks like a fun guy to have around
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He's so unique looking...I love his handsome
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