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Kitty has obsession with...

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Miki has a major obsession with paper and cardboard. I can't keep any boxes around and loose pieces of paper are history unless put into a drawer. She will scratch, rip, chew, and shred any paper or cardboard she can get her paws on. Miki will often wake me up in the middle of the night, chewing on cardboard (I wake up to quiet sounds like that). Clapping my hands startles her, but she goes right back to it when she thinks I'm asleep. I've also tried water, but it doesn't seem to work.

Is there anything I can do other than never keeping paper in the house or cardboard boxes. Also, Tyran does not have this problem and she loves playing with paper and cardboard but never chewing it, so I love giving it to her to play with, but Miki always chews up whatever I give Tyran.
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I have the same problem with Benson but I think I caused it. When we found him, I gave him an empty tissue box to play. He chews every box now. When we get delivers he thinks it's a gift for him. I hope someone has a solution for us.
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I never really 'give' them cardboard though. Occasionally I'll let them have a box to crawl around in. Tyran will simply tip it over so its upside down and crawl inside and then stick her head out, like she's playing peek-a-boo. She's quite a clown. But Miki doesn't like to play that game. She'll go right over to it and start chewing like it was candy. I had to switch to plastic tubs to keep my stuff in because she literally chewed a couple of inches off the boxes. I had cardboard everywhere. Just last night, I had to get up at 3am to put some important papers in a drawer because Miki had started chewing on them. I never have this problem with Tyran. At the moment, she is content to sit on my shoulder while I type. (much to my discomfort)
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Well.. first off, nothing in your house is actually yours, it belongs to your cats if they see it.
Putting stuff up helps. Out of sight, out of teeth and paws anyways..

Occasionally Sho will gnaw on a box, I really think he enjoys the feel of his teeth sinking into it. Dry food may be crunchy but I doubt it gives satisfied feeling of biting into something.

Maybe bitter apple spray? Keep boxes out of reach when you can. And maybe look into some sort of cat chew toys.
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Maia is the same way! All though it is mostly paper that has to be out of "Maia radar", any thing that is paper! Menu, news paper.........anything! It makes me giggle!
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I've heard of cats the same way. I think it's a comfort thing. Some cats are just "natural" chewers. As the HS where I volunteer, we use box flats(little cardboard boxes like Gatorade come in) for litterboxes. It is common to see kitties who eat the boxes.

I was told once by someone & I don't know if I would believe it or not, but some cats eat cardboard/paper due to deficiencies in their diet!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I was told once by someone & I don't know if I would believe it or not, but some cats eat cardboard/paper due to deficiencies in their diet!
I doubt that, cats try to chew on some pretty odd stuff... people included - I don't want to even consider that would mean their diet needs.

I've seen Sho walk up to, turn his head sideways, and try to chew on a door... chewing for chewings sake.
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My female Kabou is a huge chewer. Boxes, paper, books, even the light switch next to the bathroom counter if nothing else is within easy reach. With her, I think it is a comfort/nervous thing. She has just always done that. I tried giving her a safe "chew" toy at one point, but she wasn't interested. Like someone else said, it's like she enjoys feeling her teeth sink in.
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Just today when I was switching my snake over from a dirt like bedding to newspaper (easier to clean) I had a pile of newspaper sitting on the floor. As soon as I had my back turned, Miki was sitting on top of the pile, shredding it. I get the stuff for free but I use it. I don't need her tearing it up. I shoved it into a cabnet (sp) so she wouldn't chew it anymore.

Maybe I'll try a chew toy of some kind. But what? Miki likes the paper towel rolls but thats a hassle to clean up once she's done with it.
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