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I have an adult cat 1 1/2 years old and her son 5 months old. I've had them 2 months and the mother has gained too much weight because I had them both on Science Diet Kitten Growth. My vet had me switch them to SD Maintenance, she said the kitten was old enough and that the mother really needed to lose her extra weight. In comparing SD to other cat foods and wanting the best for both kitties, what is your opinion(s) on possibly switching to a more natual food that has less fat in it? How important is it on the amount of proten & fat for the kitten right now? I free feed them but I do also give them a tiny bit of canned food morning and night so they have more moisture in their diets. With the small amt of canned the kitten gets the growth and the mom gets senior. It's easy to do that cause I watch them eat and take away the bowls when they're done whether they're empty or not so that mom doesn't get the kitten food. They both seem to love SD so I don't know if I should keep them with that brand and maybe change to SD Nature's Best? Has anyone tried that? It's listed under the Natural Dry Cat Foods list on the site someone had listed in another thread.