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constant meowing

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Hi, i just got a kitten last week, and he is 9 weeks old! Dusty, (the kitten) meows constantly when you leave him alone. I spend as much time as i can with him, but i cant spend every second with him. He meows VERY loudly non stop and i have no idea how to get him to stop. I would eventually like him to sleep in the basement with my other cat, but i cannot leave him in another room to go sleep!
Sleep is another problem... i have tried a lot, but i cannot seem to get him to sleep threw the night! Any one have any suggestions at when a good "bed time" is so that he doesn't wake up at 5 am?
This is my first kitten experience and i please, any help would be VERY much appreciated!!!!!!!!
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9 weeks is a little young to be without his mother. Like it or not, he's a baby and you're now 'momma cat'. That's why he cries for you. For now he's going to need to be close to someone, you, another person, or another cat, quite often. He'll crave that attention and being touched.
As he gets older he'll cry less, or at the very least his meows won't sound like you've abandoned him to some horrible fate. Anyone who's cared for young kittens knows that mew.

As for him sleeping, when they're younger they nurse from their mother, meaning they wake up at night. He should sleep a little later as he gets older but you have to remember that evening and early morning are when cats are most active anyways.

How does your older cat like the kitten? Do they get along or does the cat hiss?
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Ohhhh fun! Welcome to TCS!!!

As was said above, he is pretty young to be away from mom. He's likely used to his littermates always being around, so it lonely. If he gets along with the other cat, then he might be quiet. If he needs to be in a room by himself, then you can try putting rice in a sock & heating it in the microwave. I use those for my foster kittens(often bottle feds, my current is 7 weeks). It's warm & is sorta like another kitty....they can rassle it to their hearts content, too!

One other suggestion is to invest in the Feliway diffuser. Might help calm the tyke down.
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Even though when I got PHX he wasn't a baby (he was almost 1 yr old).. he still meowed ALOT! partly because he's a siamese mix and partly because this is all a new world to them. New people, new place, new smell, and even just new to life After the kitty gets alittle more used to you... it should mellow out a little more Also, try playing with kitty for like half an hour before bedtime so that way kitty's too pooped to do anything! It sorta worked for me!

Welcome to TCS!
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i've had my two kittens almost a year now and they still wake me up at 5am, it's inevitable.

as for the meowing - he'll stop eventually, but he's lonely. can't he play with your other cat? can't he sleep with you at night? he really just wants to be with momma - you
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