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I am brand new to this site and have not yet read any posts because of my urgency. I have rescued an abandoned kitten last week on the day he was born and this is my first experiance with total bottle feeding.
My problem is that I am not able to get my new baby to eliminate his bowels. Up till now, I have been giving that duty to my Sheltie who does it with the eagerness that only an experianced mommy can. And she has always been successful.
But now I've had to kennel her because I'm gonna be away for 2 days. I can get my 5 day old kitten to void his bladder but not his bowels. I keep trying to wipe with a warm, damp cloth but without success. Any suggestions? He hasn't gone since yesterday.
Also, as I mentioned earlier, I have to be gone over the weekend and was wondering if a 5 day old kitty can travel for the 2 hr trip. I had gotten a freind to take care of him for me, but she told me today that she can't do it after all so I am forced to take the baby with me. He is very healthy and has doubled his weight since birth. Any suggestions on this one too??
Thank you all for any input.