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Extermination for ants and blood in cats urine

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Hi. I have not been on in some time because my Chloe has been doing better with her CRF. My question is, is there a link to an exterminator coming out to treat my house for ants (real bad here and getting into Chloe's food) and my Chloe getting sick, possible UTI? It happened last year, different exterminator. I really did not want to spray in the house but I was assured the "chemicals" are safe for pets. I found a lot of blood in her urine last night after the exterminator had been here in the day. I gave her some amoxicillan we had from last time. She also had been straining to pee in the litter box. Have an appt with vet tomorrow morning. When I came home tonight, my cat had urinated all on the newspaper under the litter box. I have even seen drops of blood on her bed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Or any ideas?

Thank you very much!
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You're probably already going to do this, but I think only a vet could tell you if it's an infection or worsening renal failure due to some toxin. I hope she's okay. Maybe someone on here will know, but she probably needs to go regardless.

If it is a toxin, I sure hope you give that extermination company an earful! It could be that she was ultra-sensitive to the chemical because her kidneys don't work very well to begin with. I would even consider a suit if I were you... they need to know that about their product.
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Hey! First of all sorry to hear your kitty isn't feeling well! I don't know if it is related to toxins, but I am solving my ant problem without toxins so maybe it helps

I have a huge ants problem with the cat food as well. They come out of the blue and are in it in no time! Frankly it's disgusting! But my cats wouldn't touch the food if it's ant infested.

I'm no fan of toxic methods - especially for the kittens' health, but also for my own!

For keeping them out of the food bowl, try putting a second slightly larger bowl or even a saucer filled with water underneath the food bowl. The ants cannot swim across so they either stay away or drown.

In fact I am keeping my complete kitchen sparkling clean - all food that they can get into is either zip-locked or in the fridge or in other containers. Doing so I more or less completely got rid of my ants problem. And of course the moat around the cat food.

Also there are various non-toxic tricks to get rid of ants - e.g. squirting hand-dishwashing liquid into the hole (then you could cover it so your cat can't get near it). Or put dry rice next to it - they think it's their babies and start nursing them - therefore less attention is given to the other babies
Or with lavender or tomato twigs they will get confused with their own smell - lavender and tomatoes have a stronger smell then their own smell so that they get lost

Frankly, those are my mom's tips - so don't really know if they do the job. I tried the dishwashing liquid once and it really spilled out quite a number of dead ants.

Hope I could help you a bit
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I think it's possible that the smells and presence of the exterminator stress her to the point of a UTI.
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Thank you all. We are going to the vet now. I will keep you posted. I will have to try the dishwashing soap too. I tried canine pepper, baby powder, vinegar. Nothing worked, those ants are stubborn. It can not hurt to try anything. I hope she is okay and I will let you guys know. Thanks again! I hope it is just sensitiveness of the chemicals. Wishing all well!
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Thank you all. Just an update. All is good. Vet said there was no blood in her urine from the sample. She thought as one of you mentioned she had a reaction maybe to the chemicals sprayed and maybe I helped clear it up with the amoxicillan I gave her. Her blood levels were about the same so she is in kidney failure and the other good thing is she has gained weight.

They crushed up and made Baytril a liquid for me since I am going out of town for a cpl of weeks and thought Chloe's cat sitter would not want to do pills but Chloe hates this medicine. Never seen her act like it. She just sees it and smells it and runs. She starts spitting it out when I give it to her and runs. Even runs outside if I have the door open and goes to eat grass. Guess it is yukky. They made it a tuna flavor but she really can not stand it.

Hope everyone's baby is doing well!

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I'm glad to hear she's doing better and gained some weight.

Leopold has a great deal of sympathy for Chloe, as we just finished a 10 day Baytril adventure here. He doesn't like it anyway it comes.
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Thank you. I am glad Leopold got through that Baytril and glad to hear kitties do not like it. I thought it was maybe the way they made it since they had to crush the pills and make it a liquid.

Thank you for your help and hope Leopold is doing well.
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