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new vet situation: help

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i know ive only been back and a little active but i need some advice , and while not urgent the timing is important!

an old vet friend of ours, whom we trusted with our flowerbelle, is opening a new vet "mansion" hospital it will not be up and running until sometime in june until then he's making housecalls

howvever because we helped rescue a lot of cats thru him he is willing, well actually wants to come out next week to get to see the kitties and take blood and generaly check them out! i think he is one of the best vets in jersey especialy for cats and i dont question his motives and his charge for a "house call" wont be small but im worried about the kitties freaking out over "their space" being invaded and tests being done on them in their own home.

i know think this might sound crazy but we took off over 60 days of work last year to take care of our own and im happy to say rescue a number. sadly we did loose one rescue while not being cold a lllloootttt lived and were all adopted out!!!!!!!!!!!!

so do we do the housecall annual check up? it is time for tuxie to get his hematocrit , or do we wait a month or more for the rest of them and just get tuxie done?

thank you very much,

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Personally, I don't think they will get any more upset about the territory thing than if they get packed in a crate and take a car ride to get tortured (LOL). We used to have a vet that made housecalls and it was wonderful. He had an RV, it was neat.
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If our babies had housecalls i know life would be a lot easier. They hate getting put in the pet carriers and taken out.
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I think the kits would feel safer staying at home. Housecalls, IMO, are a good idea for things that do not require an actual trip to the vet!
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i guess i just didnt want to feel i was only saving time and agravation . and chasing shelly or one of the other five will no longer be as neat a trick in over 4000 sq ft as it was in the bus plus shelly has never not gotten sick on the way to the vet, its wierd but take him anywhere and he s fine same weather same time of day same carrier and blaah.
thanks for the advice
i remain gary
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If our Vet made house calls, I'd be very happy.Instead, I have to drive for 45 min.
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I think that it would actually be less stressful for them to have the vet visit them. I would wrangle them into one room (preferrable with little human furniture) and keep them there for the vet and then take them out one at a time. Then they won't feel that the vet is totally in their territory as they will be confined to 1 room.
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