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Hello all!

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Hello everyone! My name is Brooke, and I have three cats. The youngest, Shadow, is about 6 months...she loves people's hair (she rubs her face in it), she watches everything you do...she's very curious. She and Dexter, who is the middle cat (about 8 months old) love to play "bottle cap hockey" in our bathtub. Dexter is the only male cat in the house, and he cleans up after the other cats. Then there is Loxy, who is the oldest (a little over a year). She is one of those cats who "talk" all the time. Loxy of course plays mom with the other two. In fact, we are kind of having a problem with her as of recently. We can't figure out if the problem is that she desperately wants outside or is feeling anxious or crowded with the other two cats. She tends to run around the house restlessly meowing, mostly out the windows. Then when we try to calm her down by petting her, she doesn't like it and runs away. She is spayed, so she isn't in heat. Any thoughts/suggestions? It would be very appreciated.
I will have pics online of my kitties soon, but in the meantime I'd like to share this one pic of Dexter when he was younger, modeling a feather boa. It's so cuuuuute! it's a link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/848802
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Dexter is certainly dapper in his boa, isn't he? It sounds as if you have three little characters. I don't know what Loxy is up to, but I would ask at the Behavior Forum. Of course, cats can be a mystery! Welcome to all of you.
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G'day and welcome to the site
What a great picture of Dexter, he's a real cutey pie!
I'm not sure why Loxy would be doing that. The only time I've seen one of my cats act that way was when she was in heat, and as you said Loxy cannot be. I would do as Jeanie suggested and ask the question in the Behavior Forum.
Look forward to seeing some more pictures
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Hi Brooke - Dexter does look smart all dressed up in your pic!

I don't have any suggestions for Loxy's strange behaviour - sorry. We have so many knowledgable behaviour specialists here, I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction!
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Welcome to the site! Your fur-family sounds like so much fun. Love the pic of Dexter in his boa - too cute!

Does Loxy show any other signs of being in heat? Does she wiggle around on the floor, hold her behind up high? How long has she been doing this? If the behaviour subsides in a week or so, you may want to have your vet check her out. In rare cases, even the best vet will miss a bit of ovary in the spay procedure, which can trigger heat even though it is mostly all gone. A good, reputable vet should fix the problem at no charge, since it was their mistake to begin with.

That's a very unlikely situation, but I thought I would mention it. Like the others said, the best place to ask would be in the Behavior Forum.
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I see I have much to learn from you and your picture posting skills! And of by the way the furkids are cute!! Welcome to the boards.

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thanks you guys for your warm welcome and suggestions! Loxy does not show those other signs of being in heat, so I will definitely take this to the behavior forum.
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