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spayed cat in heat

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I had my princess spayed almost 2 months ago(she is now 8months)she is showing signs of being in heat.
Is it possible my vet messed up the spay?or is this normal?
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If small amounts of tissue are left behind, then kitty can/will still go into heat.

I would call the vet.
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It is possible that the vet missed something, or even didn't spay her at all. A few other members have had that happen - the vets didn't actually spay the cats for one reason or another.

I would call the vet and let him or her know about your kitten showing signs of being in heat.
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This happened to Ling - she was spayed at 8 months old, about 15 - 16 months later, she showed all the signs of "in heat". The vet wound up having to reopen her and found 2 cysts growing in the area where the ovaries are. Once they were removed, the "heat" was over.

Mentioned to your vet about the possibility of a cysts in that area.

BTW you are the 4th (including me) person I know that females had this problem. NONE of my other females ever experienced this after being spayed. Don't know what's up, but obviously this is NOT a rare thing now
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I volunteered in my vet's office for a couple of years, and assisted on many spay and neuter surgeries. It is not unheard of for female cats to have other ovarian tissue (called ectopic ovaries, or ectopic ovarian tissue) besides the ovaries proper. When the vet does the ovariohysterectomy, the uterus, tubes and ovaries are removed. However, the ectopic tissue can still cause the hormonal changes that come with the heat cycle. Sometimes another exploratory laporotomy (abdominal incision) can be done and the tissue located and removed, and heat cycles cease. Sometimes the ectopic tissue isn't ever found. In those cases, heat cycles will continue, but since the true ovaries and uterus have been removed, no pregnancy will occur.
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I talked to my vet about it and took her back in after him reopening her up he said there is no reason for her to be showing signs of her being in heat,iam waiting for her to feel well and recover from everything then iam going to take her to a different vet for a second opinion.
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