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Worried about Midas...

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My cat, Midas, will be 1 year old on June 6th. He was neutered on May 6th and although I was nervous about him healing properly from the operation, he seemed to be doing fine. Until a few days ago, when I noticed redness in the corners of his eyes. I cleaned his eyes, thinking it was the normal eye boogers, but now around both his eyes, as well as a part of his nose is red. It almost looks like some of the fur in those places is gone. What could this possibly be?
He is acting like his normal and playful self. Eating and using the bathroom regularly, but I am still worried. I need advice!!!!
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I would take him to the Vet, if there is any question that something isn't right
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I dont think the neutering has anything to do with the current situation.

Is Midas an indoor/outdoor kitty? There are a couple things that come to mind, some type of fungus (like ringworm), mites, or an allergy.

Another possibility is that he got some kind of chemical in his face. Cleaning solution or powder, or someone put lawn chemicals and he walked through them. Something that got "blown" into his face and caused and irritation. Do his paw show the same thing?

In any of these cases definitely get Midas looked at by a vet you trust. If this was me I would not treat it as an emergency if this has been developing slowly. I would call the vet in the morning to make an appointment

Now if this had come on rapidly( today) and is getting progressively worst as the hours pass, he has any difficulty breathing, or there is swelling it is an emergency situations and requires immediate vet attention.
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