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Any constuctive critisism hander-outers here?

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I just made myself a new sig tonight but it seems like theres something... weird about it. Any ideas? I'm lost as to what it could be! It's the one I'm using right now.
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the size is wrong it is
630x134 and its also 31kb
it should be
550x134 and under 30kb
but its a beautiful siggy i love it.
i resized it for you , hope you dont mind.
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You have a unique style - I like it!

It took me ages to get to grips with the whole size maximum thing too...I would make the siggies and save them under 30kb, but when I loaded them to photobucket they would go over 30kb. My trick now is when I go to 'save for web', I make sure the kb value is around 26-27 kb. Then I can guarantee it won't exceed 30kb when its finally uploaded on photobucket and imported onto TCS.

Look forward to seeing more of your sigs!
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I could have sworn I saw 640 as the maximum length requirement when I checked the yesterday but I guess not! Are my eyes getting weird in their old age?? I thought I had the resizing situation under control there but I must do a double take now - Minxie, I'll have to make sure to remember that when I save them next time.

Thank, you, both of you- I have been signature making for three months with a group of people who make gorgeous signatures, blends, banners, icons, etc. and I am not the best out of them (but their styles have rubbed off on me). It's really worth a visit there, though I can't guarantee 12+ the whole way. Here's my gallery/portfolio, 12+ all the way - yee hah!
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640 is ok as the maximum length but most of the sigs are made at 550x134 (150 inc text is the max height with text at font size 2 being 16px in height)

I usually only make them bigger if there is 4+ cats because you can get better image quality on the smaller sig than the bigger one.

It looks great though
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oo sorry i thought max length was 550.
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