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How much do your furbabies drool?

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I just wondered as i just gave Chucky the grooming of his life and he let a happy drip or two roll down my hand lol.

Do your cats drool when they get brushed? Are they happy non-droolers? Or do they flood whatever your wearing?
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Sophia is my drooler, when she's in a cuddly mood and is kneading
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Non-droolers thank god!!!!

Our RB boy Byron would drool in the morning when he was in bed with us and getting morning cuddles. It was bad when you had your eyes closed, and didn't realise he was about to drool on your face... Or when he realised he was drooling so would shake his head....

He's the only drooler we've had though
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luckily I don't have any droolers. Even the dog doesn't drool... much.
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Ur 's drool??!!?!?!

That iz so wierd!!!
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Both of my cats are droolers, LOL

Chynna loves to get her chin scratched and she drools a moderate amount then.

Abby loves to get brushed, especially the sides of her face. That is about the only time that she drools. However she tends to increase her swallowing frequency so she doesn't drool all over me.

Neither are "Super Soakers" though
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Diesel is a Super Soaker to an extreme!
He'll knead and drool every time that you get near him....I usually have to change my shirt after a cuddle because he totally soaks it

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Buddy is my drooler. he will spend HOURS, kneading, purring and drooling.
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Lol supersoaker. You make them sound like you should be running around with kitty under your arm, chasing your kids and squeezing kitties tummies to make them spray!

Ok that didnt come out the way i thought it would..*hides*
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Nope, no droolers here. Davidson wasn't either. I don't think I've ever seen them drool actually!
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LMAO!!! None of my babies are droolers! I did however have a friend whos kitty drooled like crazy, he weirded me out when I first met him cuz I never knew a cat could drool...But it was cute to watch when he was getting cuddles and the drool would slide outta his mouth. He was a true super soaker!!!
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We had a beautiful tabby named Smudge, when i was much younger. She was the happy drooler. As soon as you touch her she'd drool for scratches lol
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Out of my four kitties I have had so far, only one of my kitties drool. And the guilty kitty is also our current youngster Lil' Jag. She drools anytime she gets to purring or wanting her treats. Our others can't be bothered with such undignified behaviour.
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Sonic doesn't drool but Radar does, I think he forgets to swallow when he's purring! The worst thing is that he likes to stick his nose in my eye when I'm cuddling him (as a prelude to licking my eyelids) which releases a flood of drool down my face - cat saliva eyebath
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K.C. will drool so much, it just drips out of her mouth like a faucet when yer giving her lovins.

Snickers drools too, when he's being groomed & petted. Sometimes tho he's just got a mouth of drool when he just wakes up (he's 16 and his teeth aren't all-that).

Dusty drools when she's getting attention from her slaves (us humans)...

That's about it I guess... the rest are pretty much in control of their salivary glands!
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Natasha is my drooler. When she gets in the zone she's like a drippy facquet. Cute but messy.
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