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Becoming Distant?

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For the past few days, as Gatsby's respiratory infection has gotten worse, Gatsby has been sleeping a lot more, playing a lot less, and seeming to become less attached to me. I'm wondering if it is because I've aggravated him while administering antibiotics twice daily, or just because of the infection in general.

Any words of encouragement?
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Just think of how you feel when you're sick. Not in the mood to be affectionate, I'll bet. Don't worry, when Gatsby's better I'm quite sure he'll know you were just trying to take care of him.
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His infection has worsened? Poor kitty. Keep an eye on him and make sure that his becoming more distant isn't a sign that the antibiotics might not be enough to fit the infection.

Other then that, maybe sit near and talk to him? Slow, gentle pets to just the head and neck. I don't know if colds make kitties achy or not, but too much petting may irritate him.
Is he still eating ok? He might like a little treat to say you're sorry for the icky medicine.

Good luck, and I hope your Gatsby gets better soon.
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Get him to the vet if he's worse. The meds aren't working and he needs to be seen right away, because even if he didn't get better overnight, he should not have become worse beyond that time once he was on the drugs.
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