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Oh I am in Love

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HoratioWith this boy, hes a local boy...avalible. And i am just enjoying my drool...over him and had to share,
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Oh he's so handsome
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That's a stunning persian You mean you might be buying him? Is he a whole male?
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yes he is intact, i am considering it. I emailed them for some more info and the like. And have been speaking to steve about it. he would be an asset to our program. And he has points to towards his grand. and he produces lovely.
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Well he does have the qualities to win in the ring - extreme face, small ears and coat. Let me know who he is out of - what lines. I'd like to see the pedigree
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Horatio Info

Theres his info page. I know i generally lean to the less extreme face but he is a Beautiful Beautiful boy. in love. I am. lol
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Very nice pedigree - plenty of champions and grands in the first 3 generations. When I look at pedigrees, I want to see champion/grand - the more the better. Having ch/grand too far back will not get you much. And I love how they put the little pics with the cat so you can see what color they are.

If you get him, he will really give you some quality kittens. Then you can put them in the local shows.
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Yup i liked his pedigree too it doesnt say on the website how many points he has to his grand. just that it wasnt finnished because someone wished to lease him and finnish his grand, and never took him to the shows again. Hes only three. since i am not a show expert i dont know if it could still be finnished. But i think he would cross good on my girls

Since steve and I decided to add a second boy to have choices..hes def on top running.
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Well if he behaves in the ring, I don't see why he can't be shown. As long as he's kept groomed well, like in the picture. If you get him, put him in a show and see how he behaves. He's worthy of competition - I'm good at picking out show cats
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Well we will see what happens gotta check the fiances and such. They are asking a reasonable price for him I think.waiting on more info hopefully they email back soon.
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He sure is a gorgeous guy! I love his expression - he looks like he would be a little hellion!!
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He is gorgeous!!!
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well i heard back. she said shes pretty sure hes sold now. Doh. but shes gonna send me some pics of some youngsters and i think one litter is by Horatio
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Sorry to hear that. Perhaps she's waiting to get a deposit from the person or something. Would you consider a son of his out of the litter of kittens?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Sorry to hear that. Perhaps she's waiting to get a deposit from the person or something. Would you consider a son of his out of the litter of kittens?
yes i would. good breeding and good look would make me happy. she may be waiting on a deposit. i know how that goes. Guess we will see what happens.
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OMG - look at his pedigree! Harwood, Artemis and Byhishands! Lovely!!! Now if you put him to an even smaller eared girl, maintain eyes (wonderful width between the eyes) and nose placement you'd be more than good to go!
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Aww he is such a cutie.
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I was just visiting the website of the most amazing cat breeder consortium's website - they own the CFA Cat of the Year '06-07... check it out...:

The consortium produced last show season alone:


Absolutely amazing!
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well i got another email this morning she hasnt gotten the deposit yet..SOOOOOO i am gonna talk to steve and see if we get ours there first muhahaha
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Ohhh good luck to you on that Failing which depending on who the Dam is, should he have a son that is top show ...
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It will happen if it is meant to be.
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Yup I agree with that. If its ment to be it will happen we wont be able to take in another stud cat til August when we move. but we are looking.
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He's gorgeous!
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