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Confetti gets a job!

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Confetti has decided she needs a job, so spokescat she has decided to be! For Plain Brown Tabby, too!

These she did herself(she likes to be near the containers). I swapped containers on her & she moved to be right next to the Wildside Salmon treats!

These ones I set up

And I even had Plain Brown Tabby open in the background on the computer! I was actually browsing trying to decide what I should order now....
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that's awesome!! I think Pat will definitely hire her
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Awww, I'd hire her in a second!
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I would buy anything that kitty is selling!
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Awwww she is such a doll!!!!
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Awwwwwwww she's sitting like a perfect little lady as well
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She is sooooooooo adorable Natalie!!! Look at that sweet little baby face awwwwwwww
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I love that last picture!
I see a future in advertising and/or modelling. Tv, films, catwalk....
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That is just the cutest thing! I hope she got some treats for all that hard work she was doing there!
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She's a cutie! But she looked like she was getting abit tuckered out toward the end.

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As her agent you should get 10%...
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ooh can I be her agent?
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She needs a paying gig
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She is quite photogenic! I am sure I can find a space (if I can snag hubby to do the image work) if you'd allow, to use her as a model
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she certainly know how to pose - look at her little paws all neat & lined up
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I think she's ready for her closeup!
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being a super model is a tough job....
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O my, confetti u are just sooo cute She is just so stunning
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She's such a gorgeous little kitty!
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