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Not so great day... just need to vent

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It's just been a bad day for me so far. I woke up this morning to the sound of John's grandfather, umm... being sick. His bathroom is directly above our bedroom and the floors/walls are very thin. I have anxiety and one of my fears is being sick, it may sound silly but I am completely terrified of the stomach "flu". I've avoided going upstairs for the most part, but I have to go up sometimes to use the bathroom or get something to eat/drink. I actually have a surgical mask that I use when I clean because of my asthma, but I'm afraid of someone getting upset because I'm being ridiculous so I don't wear it up there. I haven't had any direct contact with him, but was in the same room with him this morning and talked to him for awhile last night. I almost always get sick 2-3 days after someone else does and John insists on going to pick up Volkswagen engines Saturday morning and I'm afraid I'll be sick.
Also, John just surprised me with the news that he's applying for a new job. It's great pay, but it means he has to work 3rd shift. I absolutely CANNOT sleep when he's not here, and I'm the type of person that needs frequent company... I don't like being alone. It's only an hour longer than he works now in the amount of hours... plus one extra day a week... I just don't know if I'll get used to it.
So now I'm worrying about his new job, and worrying about getting sick, and I'm just not feeling so great. Thanks for letting me vent!
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Sounds like you need a major !

I am sure his family would understand if you wear the mask - just explain to them that you have a weak immune system and that you can't afford to get sick right now.

I don't know what to say about the potential new job, except to try and keep focused on the positive aspects of it - better pay, etc.

Hope you have a day that just keeps getting better!
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I would wear the mask if it means keeping you healthy.Good luck and I hope you don't get sick.
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I am sorry your day has been so bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!! Drink lots of OJ and maybe you won't get sick!
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Thanks everyone. Today has been a much better day. I probably shouldn't have overreacted about the whole getting sick issue before knowing the whole story. I got up this morning and went upstairs and talked to John's grandpa. He said that the night before he got sick, he ate a bad cupcake. He said when he started feeling sick yesterday morning, he remembered eating the cupcake before bed and went to the kitchen. He pulled the box out and found that the cupcakes had been expired for 3 months. On closer inspection of the rest of the box, they were beginning to be moldy. Even though a couple other people in the house ate the cupcakes as well (I didn't), and didn't get sick, maybe with him being in his 80s his body just couldn't handle it?
As for the job issue, I talked to John more about it last night and am feeling a little better about it too. He doesn't even know for sure if he'll get the job, and it really is a better job despite the hours... it's twice as much pay as he gets now.
Plus today is a sunny day and much warmer than yesterday... always puts me in a better mood!
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Glad things are going better for you today!
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