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Zebra Attacking My New Shoes

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I got new shoes and Zebra will not stop attacking them. She keeps biting them and rolling around all over them. Is there any way to make her stop? She has never done this before so I don't know why she does it with this pair. I really don't want her to destroy them since I really like them and they were not cheap. These are the shoes I bought.

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They are cute - but sorry can't help. Mine just like to drool on my shoes - not chew.
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It could be that Zebra really likes the way your new shoes smell. BTW, I had some shoes that were similiar to yours a couple of years ago and they were really comfortable.
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Most likely there is some sort of animal or fish product used in the shoes, like there is fish oil in pastic bags. Best way to stop her? Put them up out of her reach.

I'll move this to Behavior.
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Try rubbing or spraying them with some sort of citrus oil. It will mask the smell of the oil, and most cats avoid the smell of citrus.
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What are they made of? If leather, it could be the smell. Get some Bitter Apple spray and put some on the shoes - that will make her leave them along
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I would just try to keep them out of reach. With my luck, if I put bitter apple on the shoes and then touched them, I'd end up teaching myself a lesson.
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Sweetie also likes shoes and feet, especially of visitors. If my daughter takes her flip flops off at the door the cat is all over them. She also gets so close to her feet, sniffing, its almost as if she's going to tast them. Who knows why, she's a cat and they do crazy things.
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