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Carpet Cleaning time!!

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No fun! I decided to finally clean the carpet, I think last time when I had a problem with one of the kitties spraying, I didn't do a good job because they have started again. I don't have a/c so when the weather gets warm like it was a few days ago, it stirs up the smelliness in the carpet. It is mostly the corners and under the stairs that they have peed.

Anyways, I heard awhile back that Nature's Miracle sold out and they either changed their formula or they sold their name. So is it stil any good? Anyone know? I was just going to buy a ton of it and fill the carpet cleaner with it. I will probably need to soak under the carpet too because there is a significant amount...

Sounds like fun huh? Any one have othr suggestions on good enzymatic carpet cleaners?
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I get the regular carpet cleaner (the cheapest). I had a peed carpet, right down to the floor boards, , and had to use a gallon of white vinegar. Insteat of putting the vinegar in the carpet cleaner, I sprinkled it all over the staines, really soaked it good.

Spent a couple of hours cleaning one carpet, between vacuming up the liquids, dumping the liquids, back and forth. My dog had a stroke, could not walk, I should have had her put down right away, she was in misery, I should not have listened to the vet and let her go on. She peed everywhere and was not happy.
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