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Got a kitten... and a couple questions...

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Hey everyone... new here. Just became the proud owner of my first kitten over the weekend. As such, I have a couple questions regarding the li'l cutie. She's about 6 weeks old.

1) The poor girl gets stuck on everything! Wherever she walks on our bed, on my shirt, the carpet, you name it. She tugs away as her claws are always getting caught in the fabric. Is this because she hasn't learned how to retract her claws or does she 'grow into them', thus covering them up from always being exposed?

2) All I've ever known are cats... never had/seen a kitten at this age. She makes this WEIRD NOISE! I've yet to hear her actually MEOW. The only way I can describe this noise is that she sounds like a dolphin. I've never heard anything like it and I've searched the net. I've seen chirping and chattering. It's not a chatter, cuz I've seen our older cat do that to birds on the balcony. And she seems to make this noise often. After waking up, just hangin' around, whatever... no specific time. Any thoughts?!

You guys have posted a lot of good information and hopefully someone has some insights into these two things for me. Thanks in advance!!
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It's true that small kittens do not realize they can retract thier claws. In time, they learn to keep them in so they don't stick to everything. Right now, you can keep the nails trimmed so they aren't so sharp. As far as the noise, some kittens/cats don't make the famous meow. Some just don't have it in them, or never learned. I have a few who learned as they got older, and I have 2 that never quite figured it out
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Yup yup, nothing out of the ordinary. And gorgeous kitten I might add.
I also say that you should trim her nails, perfect time to start doing it, and get her accustomed to it. Kittens... well some, probably most can make some really weird noises, some still do it as adults and others dont.
My Isha, now almost 3 years... has NEVER hissed. I don't even know if she can. But she has had plunty of moments to try it out.

Cats are just weird in their own cute little way. Just be lucky you don't have a howler on your hands!! Least not yet.
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Thanks for the input... and thank you angelz. She's absolutely beautiful! I love her. She's the lovingest (nice word) li'l thing I've ever seen. LOVES strangers. twice now we've had company come over, hasn't even batted an eye... went so far as to sleep on both of them. She's already exposing her belly to me and even the company. I thought that was a very rare thing for cats let alone kittens to do. I'm very happy with her thus far... if I could just get her to stop eating Mojo's (the bigger cat) food we'd be set.
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That's great, definetly keep up the socialization around people!
All my cats are that way, on average a cat wont expose their belly to you, let alone allow you to touch it. Keep it up from a young age and she should typically continue to do it as an adult.

Are you free feeding both of them?
She seems pretty small, for now why don't you just put Mojo's food up on a high counter? Some place out of reach of new kitty bit.
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I would say her voice has not matured yet. Many cats barely Meow for several months after the loud mewling kitten stage of about four weeks. Then after about age one their voices get deeper.
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It's not Teeka eating Mojo's food anymore... it's now Mojo (who is already a portly one) is eating Teek's food. He does *NOT* need the extra calories, let me tell you! I'm sure he'll figure it out. I think he thinks we just set up another dish for him. Or he sees Teek drink his water (which she still occassionaly does) and figures he'll get back at her. Not sure what goes on while we're out of the apartment. Not sure if i want to know! hehe...

Things are getting better still between the two of them, after four days, last night I was informed that they actually slept together on the couch. The things I miss out on when I sleep in!!!
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From what I understand, kitten food is so much higher in fat and calories for the babies that it tastes a lot better to the big cats. One way you can avoid Mojo eating Teeka's food is to put her food in a box with a hole cut in it big enough for her to get in and out, but not him. You can buy something like that, too, if you don't want to make it. You can find product information (or ideas for how to do it yourself ) at http://www.kittycafe.net/
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evilREGIS, you sound like me! The last time I had a kitten I was 5 years old (my family cat). I picked up Nakita a month and a half ago and I didn't know what was normal for a kitten.

Nakita only "meows" when she wants to be let out of a room. Other than that, she only chirps or makes sounds like a "teenager who is whining about something"! Ha! That is the best way I can describe it!

Nakita is coming up to 6 months old and she has never hissed or had any angry tendencies. It's quite surprising to me, since my family cat seemed to always have an attitude.

Have fun with the little one. They grow way too fast!

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Yeah, Mojo oozes attitude. He's funny and all and a great cat, who has been fantastic with Teeka (all things considered) but WOW does that cat have attitude. He'll come to you when he wants affection, or wants food. Otherwise, you'll start petting him and he'll walk away. HAHA... or if he's laying on the couch and I get on the couch to watch tv he gives me this look then strolls off. He goes so far as to sometimes CLEAN himself where you touch him if you pet him. Dork. But that's Mojo. Teeka is the exact opposite... so far. I'm sure Mojo will teach her how to snub us humans when she's able to learn it.
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After many moons of cat and kitten ownership I have come to the conclusion that cats are usually most interested when it is their idea. :kitty5:

Call to them and you don't know if they will bother or not.

Read a book or newspaper and they are on you!

Yes, I like the idea of separate feeding-that was recommended to me by a Vet once. There always seems to be one dominant cat in a household who loves to eat.
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I have an adult cat who sounds like a dove cooing. She has only meowed a few times, and those were upset, sad yowling meows when she first came home. I have never heard her make a 'normal' meow in the 3 years she has been here.

My other cat meows, and has a repertoire of at least 50 'types'.

I think a meow can be very unique to a kitty, and it's cute when they have 'special' meows.
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What eyes! Only to melt ones heart. Think you got the best advise already~

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