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Sharing TCS

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I was kitten-sitting for Twix earlier today (it's not exactly easy to keep and eye on six active kittens!). I managed to snap a couple pictues of them - not the best, but more updated then the three-week old ones.

It seems my kittens will be as much of TCS addicts as I am!

And some of their crazy kitten antics. (The ones in the basket were having a wrestling match - the others were doing... something kitten-like. )

(I kindly refrained from snapping a picture of the new piddle spot in the litter box, though it was hard not to! )
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aww well we certainly love those little cherubs as addicts here
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They just wanted the mouse - you didn't tell them it was a computer mouse....
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I wonder how many more kities were addicted at such a young, tender age?

Of course they just wanted the mouse! Now why didn't I think of that??
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Oh what sweeties! I would have taken a piddle photo - that is quite an accomplishment!
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Awwwwww look at them, their into everything
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You sure had your hands full! How do you stand all that sweetness?
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Awe look at all that cuteness, how do u get anything done They are such cuties
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Very cute- they just want to check out that they are the cutest kittens on tcs
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Look at those sweet babies Awwwww
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Awwww, they are absolutely gorgeous!
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