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Work Rant

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OK, I feel better. I'm just so tired of the people I work with. This one woman in particular must have been a spoiled child who was given every thing she ever wanted. She parks like an idiot and take ups a space & a half every day. Today she yelled at me telling me I deligate "enough" to someone in my department. She is no one and has no right to tell me what to do. If she new a darn thing she would know that I don't deligate anything that my boss doesn't tell me to. She goes out to lunch all the time & never asks anyone if they want anything. Then when we are going to get lunch and invite her she feels that it's OK for her to tell us what time to go get lunch becuase she's hungry. Well either go get your own lunch or eat a snack. I just get so mad. My boss is no gem either. I won't even go into the garbage he was pulling earlier in the week. I really need to get my resume together so I can get out of here. I know there are difficult people everywhere, but it would be better to have a good boss and not have to sit next to the most selfish person I've ever met.
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Yikes - sounds like you need a new job! I will send "better job vibes your way" for either a better time where you are or a better job in general.
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That's a bummer. But remember, people only treat you the way you allow them to. You have a say in how you will be treated.
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Sorry to hear that you are so frustrated at your job! I think that getting your resume together sounds like a good plan...we spend too much time at work (and with our co-workers) to hate where we work and who we work with! Sending you {{{good luck work vibes}}}!
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Good luck on the job hunt! Hopefully you'll find something sooner than later.

Have you talked to your boss about this person though? Or perhaps mention to this person that you're only doing what your boss told you to do? I would basically tell her that if she didn't like it, to go and talk to your boss.

Also, I wouldn't let her dictate lunchtime. If you and your coworkers don't like her, just say "we're going now, so if you're hungry you can come with us".
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I know the feeling- I got out of my bad work place right away before it got worse! Get your resume together and get yourself into a positive work environment! Your too wonderful of a person to be stuck in an unhappy place
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Hope everything goes well for you *hugs*
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