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Pesticides safe to use around cats?

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I have an ant problem! I've been in my home over 13 years and have never had ants. This week they decided to show up. I'm afraid to use any strong pesticides for fear they may be harmful to the cats. The ants seem to be mostly around their food bowls. Can anybody recommend something to use that will not harm my babies?
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The little jars of honey kind? Something non-chemical is probably your best bet. That, and find out where they're coming from outside. You can put regular ant traps in places where the cat can't reach them though, like in cabinets, as long as your cats aren't into catching them. Oh, and if you can get the food off the ground somehow so the ants can't get it (sounds impossible, yes?) like on a wire rack wrapped in sticky tape it will help alot.
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It's best to keep them from getting in, use granules around the foundation of your house outside. Amdro is one good one. The ants take the bait granules back to their nest and wipes out the whole colony. Sealing openings and cracks in your house will also prevent them from getting in.
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DIATENASOUS earth ... NOT the pool kind ...
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Also, ants hate bay leaves -try putting a few dried bay leaves around the bowls!
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