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Interesting that the television shows put such a different spin on the purpose for the female only hotel floors, but that's the media for ya! It sounds good to me, I travel alone occasionally, and would pay the extra money for the added peace of mind of a female only floor or even a High Security Floor.

I do not stay in Motels or Motor Courts alone or otherwise, and never accept a ground floor room in a Hotel because of an incident that happened to my husband and I more than twenty years ago. We woke up to the sound and sight of someone with their arm inside of our room trying to unlock the chain on the door, we were able to scare the person away, but found that three of the window slats out of our motel room window had been removed by the person trying to break in.

Whenever I choose a hotel, I make sure it is in a good area, and upon arrival, check the windows to be sure they lock and always use the dead bolt on the door. I don't leave valuables inside of the room, and look both ways before entering the halls. Call me paranoid, I'll call it cautious and aware.

Some good points were raised by those opposed to this, especially about male visitors. I wouldn't want to pay extra for the Women only floor if women were allowed to have male visitors, that would defeat the point, but I don't know how the hotel would go about ensuring that guests abide by those rules. As for the transgender, I would agree to go with whichever gender they are living as. I don't think that it should matter about what race the person is or whether they are gay or straight though.

I am all for the all Men floor, an all Elderly floor, No Smoking and a NO Children floor too. It would be great if we could get some babushkas on every floor, but that would likely raise the cost to hotel guests.

Surely there will be those who are offended by this, who will claim that they have suffered a loss which entitles them to sue for monetary reparation or to force the hotels not to offer the Women only floors.

One way or another, I will remain mindful of my own personal safety.
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IMO, there shouldn't be women's only anything
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Not even a Women's restroom????
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
IMO, there shouldn't be women's only anything
Not even rest or dressing rooms?
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Then where would we go to gossip about boys!
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*snort* Well if I have to pay MORE just cuz I'm a woman - forget it.
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