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Challenge : Brushes

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Some of the newer designers asked for the basics so a two part challenge

Some of us need to control our out of control brush sets and the newer designers would like help in using brushes.

So for the first challenge: Manage Your Brushes
Link 1 Link 2 (using ABR Viewer)

And using your brushes Some of the more experienced sig makers may not use the brsuh options also, so this is for you too...
Understanding the different tools and Link 2
Getting to know the brush options

Challenge: Make some backgrounds using the brush palette options

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I don't know what sort of cat would go on these, but they are fun

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After the blood sweat and tears I spent on the last challenge, this one is fun.

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nope i still cant do the brushs, no matter what i try i just cant do it???
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ok finally i lernt the brushs i will get some others done.
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