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Is anyone an RN?

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I can't seem to get through to my doctor's office to talk to an RN there. So I've got a question for an RN or any knowledgeable female who has gone through the same scenario.

Late last month I went off of my birth control pill. Now, 37 days later, I am still not mentruating. I know there are some irregularities associated with stopping the pill, but how long does it usually take to start back up on a "normal" cycle?? And, I keep thinking I'm going to get it becuase my breasts keep getting tender, but then it goes away after a couple weeks. How long will this last and what other side-effects can I look forward to?

I'm sorry about the nature of this question, but I"ve been searcing the internet all morning and I'm frazzled. I've not seen anything that answers my questions directly.
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How old are you, how long were you on the pill and which one? I am not an RN, but I have gone thru a similar scenerio. . . . .
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Vlindert; I forgot to add that if you don't want to discuss this here I have MSN instant messenger at Saucy-Ka@webtv.net or you can e-mail me at that address also. Darlene aka threeleggedkat
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Hey Darlene... i'm 23 and I was on Desogen for about 9 months.
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Hi vlinder, I am an RN but don't work in the O.B department. I work with cancer patients. However, I do have a little knowledge on the subject. First-is there any way you could be pregnant? I do know that women who stop taking the pill often report that they are cramping, breasts tender, etc, just like they feel right before a period but that it just goes away without starting. Usually these women have decided to start their families and did not expect results so soon.

If that is not a possibility for you then call your doctor and set an appointment to be checked. When I stopped the pill I did not have a lapse in cycles. I have always been regular like clockwork though, are you usually? Have you been on the pill for a long time? Sometimes it takes your body a couple months to adjust if you have been taking the pill for years.

If this continues please see a doctor and keep me posted.

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Well, like I said, I'm 23 and was on Desogen for about 9 months after I got married, until now. About a week after I got off I did the whole pregnancy test thing because I got really tender, was nauseated beyond belief, and super tired to the fact that I'd come home from work and just go to sleep for the night. But it came out negative and those symptoms went away after about two weeks.

Plus, I was told that it would take 1-3 months for the pill to wear-off after I stopped using it so I don't think I'm prego (although, to be sure, I'll take a test here soon if nothing comes!!).

Up until now I've been pretty normal (I was clockwork on the pill), so I just want to find out if anyone has had similar problems to going regular again and how long it's taken to get back that way.

Will keep you all updated though if there is someone floating around in there. Ciao!
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Hey Vlinder, I would wait it out a little bit longer. Some women do not have their period right after coming off of the pill. If you feel more concerned however, I would go to the Dr.
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When I got pregnant (8 months after going off the pill), I had cramps for the first few weeks and I was sure it was pms again... Took me a couple of weeks to get conviced that maybe I should take the test

Are you trying for a baby? If you are, I'll kep my fingers crossed - it would be so great to get pregnant so soon after going off the pill!

We lost that pregnancy 2 months ago and are going to start trying again this month. Wish me luck!
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vlinder,I am an RN,too but work in pediatrics. Since I read your other post I know the answer to your question and say congratulations Hope everything goes really well for you. It took my daughter over a year to get pregnant but, she had been on the pill for many years. Our first grandbaby is due May 29th and we are very excited
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