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lots of fun & informational too

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Since it's been a few years since having kitties, I've come here a lot to check out things many times to get others opinions! It's a great resource in addition to my vet. I also love the 'fun' forums where you can see pics and great stories!

One question, how to people get their pics small enough to post here? I had to repeatedly crop my photo and resize it until the site finally accepted it. All my photos are larger than the limitation you have, so it looks like I'll always have to do some modifications before posting any pics. Just wondering if there was anything I could be doing up front with my digital pics to avoid having to do so much modifying.

Great site, I'm loving it!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!! If you haven't already, go on over to our new cats on the block forum and post a hello message so you will get a proper welcome!!

As far as your pics go, if you are uploading from your computer they do have to be sized way down. Sorry! The other way to do it is to have them hosted on a webpage and then just use the IMG tags to add them to your posts. We have a great thread in the lounge called "your computer questions answered" that will help you out I hope! Go take a look and see if that clears up your questions. Its a fairly long thread, but there are a lot of good questions answered there for you. Also, one other link for you is the " New to the forums?" Link. Go check these out to see if you can find what you need:

Your Computer Questions Answered

New Cats on the Block Forum

New to the Forums

Good luck!
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