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pic of my kitties

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Here is a hello from me and my kitties I just received about 2 months ago. They are Torrie (the son) and Lady (his mom). In the pic Torrie is 'hugging' Lady. They have been lots of fun and are very loving. It's been fun getting used to having kitties once again.
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They are both just beautiful! That's such an endearing pic, too. You should send that in for Caption This - they could be famous! Just send it (and any other cute or funny pics) to anne@thecatsite.com and put that it is for Caption This. Also be sure to include your username in your email. That would make a great postcard.
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G'day and welcome to the site
Torrie and Lady are both gorgeous!
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Welcome to the site!! What absolutely gooorgeous kitties!!
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What BEAUTIFUL cats! What kind are they? They have such endearing little faces and WHAT a pose!
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They look like their confident of being loved. Such a pretty mother and son family. Thank you for sharing~

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Thank you, they are European Burmese and are very loving and very soft and because their fur is so close lying to their body and short they practically don't shed at all! I'm attaching a couple more pics of them that 'shows them off'! The one of Lady is a professional picture that I received from the breeder that I've scanned and then had to resize for this site, so the clarity isn't there but you can still get an idea of what she looks like. She's a 'lilac tortie' color which is the grey and cream color mixed, and of all the tortie colors in this breed the lilac tortie has a softer powdery affect to their fur which I fell in love with!
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And here's little Torrie trying to telecommute same as me! I think he liked the heat coming up from the keyboard. When I got to work the next day for some reason my folder that used to be titled 'My Documents' was now titled 'xxxxyyyyssszzxxccciiiipp10283748838'. Wonder how that happened?! He is what they call a 'cream' color which is very pretty in person because he also has the powdery affect on his fur like his mama, which makes him look even more soft than he is. He's quite a character and is starting to get into more and more things around the house! I also had to resize this pic quite a bit so the clarity is lost here too, but hopefully you can see his pretty golden eyes!
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Such little beauties. I wish I could pet them on the screen. I think your pics are showing up just fine, I can see details on them. Thanks for sharing more about the breed too. I always enjoy learning more about breeds that we don't see very often.
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