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I got a bengal kitten :)

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Shes an 11 week old snow bengal. This pic isn't good but her spots are very light right now (I've had her for a week and they have gotten dramatically darker already though). Her name is Muse
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Oh, she is gorgeous!! I just love Bengals. I love the name too. Congrats!
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Omg what a beautiful little thing!
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what a pretty girl!
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She's beautiful, Congratulations
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Shes a doll!!
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She's adorable! where'd you get her from?
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What a beauty! I can't wait to see pics when her spots "fill in". I didn't know they had snow bengals!
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She is so cute! Congrats!
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what a gorgeous girl and I love the name I am so jelous
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What a cutie! Congratulations!
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She's a doll I love the name too!
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Thanks everyone! I got her from a local breeder. There were two in the litter, Muse and her sister who looks the same except much more developed patterns. I am so excited to have her! Her personality is so much different than my other 2 kittys, shes great fun
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Awwwww what a little cutie

I'll move the little muffin into fur pages
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Congratulations! Bengal kittens are so much fun (quite a lot of work too) but yay! she's gorgeous. You'll have to post lots of pictures of her as she grows up. It'll happen much more quickly than you expect.

I can't believe I've had mine for over a year now.
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Congrats! I'm getting a 2 year old Bengal female next week - after all I have learned about the breed, I'm sort of glad that I get to skip the kitten stage!

Please post more piccies of her please - we want to hear all about her!
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