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Dear Hubby has a New

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Grandbaby Boy.. Born earlier this evening 7lbs 6 oz 19 in long...
not to crazy about the name but I was not choosing it, Dayton Joseph.

And thats all he can expect because this is number 2 and she is getting her tubes cut & tired,,, Smart choice 2 is plenty. We'll have to wait for pictures as she lives in Indiana, I'll share when we get them
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Oooooh!! Congratulations!!
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Tell him Congratulations Lois Awwwww
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Tell him Congratulations

And I like the name too
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Awww congratulations. I just found out my friend Wendy had her baby boy Caden this morning at 5:23...She was due on Mothers Day and ready to pop that baby out like 2 wks ago....Today is a good day for babies!!! Wooohooo all the way around!
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Cant wait to see some pics!!
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I like the name! Maybe he'll be nicknamed Day... that's kinda nice, hm?
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Congratulations! :baby!
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