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new member Sherral

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Hi! I am new to Cat Site. I raise siamese. Anyone else here that does also?
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I have 5 Siameses Cheyenne, Cloud Dancer,Nickajack,White Cloud,Grayski
I am married to a Pastor. have 2 childern 6 grandchildern 1 grandson 5 granddaugthers.I have been married 29 years . I have been raising Siamese for about 7 years I would have lots more of them , but I live in s 2 bedroom mobile home,no more room.
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Welcome to the site Sherral! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

We do have a few people here with Siamese kitties. They are such beautiful cats. I just have mutt-cats, Trent and Ophelia. I love the names of your cats. Beautiful names.

I also merged your two threads, since they are both your introductions.
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No, but I'd love to see some pictures of your Siamese (huge hint) as I think they are probably one of the most beautiful breeds going. My apologies to everyone else's breeds, who are probably just as lovely.

I have two moggies, Alf and Ronnie, who are beautiful to me (only a mother could love 'em).

Welcome to the site.
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Thank you for your warm welcome, I will post pictures as soon as my better half gets home ,(sometimes I need his help!) I watched a lot of Texas Walker. All my cats have indian names.
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G'day and welcome to the site
Siamese are indeed beautiful cats and I love the names of your furbabies
I used to have a lilac point Siamese (named Sai) but lost him earlier this year when he was hit by a car at the age of 12.
I was going to get another Siamese but ended up getting a Russian Blue instead. We named him Orion and he has now been joined by a Russian Black kitten who we've named Draco.
I've included a picture of the four older cats I used to have, including Sai.
Look forward to seeing some pictures of your furbabies
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Welcome to the site!! and yes, please do post pics of your babies when you can
What with all your children and grandchildren and cats - sounds like you have your hands full!

I don't have any siamese myslef, but I know there are quite a few people on this site who do! I have 4 moggies (mutt cats) one Persian cross, a Maine Coon, and a Cornish Rex
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