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Kitten Treat Help!

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I Have A Seven Month Old Kitten, And I Would Like To KNow If It Is Safe To Feed Him Purina Whisker Likins Chicken And Cheese Flavor?
Please Help Me!
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Hmmm. I think it's safe. But I'm not an expert. I hope someone else with more knowledge comes along to help you out! Does it say anything on the package about age limits?
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You should get purina ONE for kittens if you cant get anything besides purina. I personally use Purina ONE healthy kitten formula, I will switch over to SOLID GOLD when he's all done with purina . Good luck!
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The Whisker Lickin things are treats. I would say yes, they're "safe" in a reasonable quantity, but the ingredients leave a lot to be desired.

I have 8 cats, so my thoughts on things are maybe different...but one day I realized that my cats would go NUTS over anything that was crunchy that was not their regular food. So I just get small bags of dry food and pass that out as "treats". I haven't brought anything home that they didn't go bonkers for. They have enjoyed Solid Gold, Raw Instinct, Felidae, Wellness, and a bunch of others. Just a thought.
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