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Help Me!

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Hi, My Kitten Is 7 months old, i was wondering if it is safe for him to eat Purina Whisker Likins Chicken And Cheese Flavor? Please Help Me, I Don't Know I'm A New Mommy!
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Please Someone Help Me!
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Probably, but it may be too rich for him. Feed him a little bit and then wait to see how he reacts.

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Hey Kitty, congratulations on being a new meowmy! I was very new here not long ago, so perhaps I can help direct you.

What I did for my Princess at first was just pick up whatever kitten food I found, which was Iams Kitten, which I gradually added to her breeders food which was Exclusive. I had originally tried to find Exclusive, but couldn't find it around my area (my breeder was a 3 hour drive from here).

So I came to TCS and asked for assistance and Sharky and others responded with a slew of much better food options for Princess than Iams. One of which was Nutro's Natural Choice. So I went to their website to see if I could find a retailer near me that sold it, which I did and I immediately ran out and bought a bag of Nutro Natural Choice Kitten for a high price, then later found it as a new product at Petco for a bit cheaper.

Anyway, Please do not think that this is the brand you must use as there are many other high quality foods available. Take a look at Sharky's posts, and some of the past posts on what kinds of foods are the best.

Myself, I am happy with Natural Choice as when I fed Princess Iams, she threw up a lot, mostly from eating too fast, but the food had something to do with it. Now it's been about 3 weeks and she's thrown up just once!

Good luck with new meowmyhood and don't be afraid to come here and ask questions! There are people here who really know their stuff and are very willing to help
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As a TREAT I dont see a problem ... NO I dont like the ingrediants as they are mostly by products corn and colors
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double post.....
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We feed Royal Canin Special 33 or Beauty & Fit (tho if you have a kitten, you should be using the RC kitten). Also include a few of the Friskies canned foods.
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