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We've bonded!!!!!

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Tonka has had a hard time getting used to us. I'm assuming because he's been shifted around so much. The introductions went well. They all seem to get along well But he was still skittish of us. Last night he was on the floor next to my bed on my side, when he looked at me, and meowed. I invited him up on the bed and he just looked at me. I picked him up and put him on the bed but he just jumped down He walked to the end of the bed and layed down on the floor. So I grabbed his brush and started grooming him. He LOVED IT!
We did this for about 15 mins. After that I went to lay down. Just as I fell asleep, Tonka jumped up on the bed with me and rolled on his back! I grabbed his brush and started to brush him. He was purring SO loud it almost drowned out the tv When I was done, he stayed with me on the bed ALL NIGHT!
Then this morning he followed me all around the house as I was getting ready for work and as of right now, he's sleeping under my desk!

We finally bonded!
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Yay! Congrats, that's AWESOME!!!

He knows he's home now.
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Awww!! You must be absolutely thrilled. Congratulations!!!
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Congrats I know your feeling right now, its awesome Keep us posted!
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Alycia, that's good news that he feels at home with you all now.
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Isn't that the BEST feeling?! I'm so happy for you!
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that is just soo sweet Its just so sweet and such a precious moment, and u will always remember that It seems like Tonka relizes that he isnt going anywhere now
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That is so exciting!!
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That is so wonderful...nothing like having a Himalayan sleep with you all night
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sounds like things are going very well.
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Yay! That's great news
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is so wonderful...nothing like having a Himalayan sleep with you all night
Nothing like waking up coughin up your own hairball in the morning

I just posted pics of him letting me groom him in Fur Pics
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Awww! That's a great story. I'm glad you and your kitty have bonded!
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awww that is too sweet!!! i'm glad he's warming up!!
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