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Is It A Good Idea To Let Her Out?

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Because Pickle is a rescue cat she isn't used to being kept indoors overnight.
I've tried keeping her in a few times but she gets up about 4:30 am and she sits by the back door shouting constantly. Every night I put her outside about 11:00 pm, she's reluctant to go out but that's the latest I stay up. But I can't sleep because I'm worrying about her, we live in a wood with foxes! Is it really safe to let her out?
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I (personally) wouldn't let her out, eventually they get used to being inside, but like anything with cats, it takes time.
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No. You are concerned about the fox for good reason.

Zissou did the same thing when I first brought her in, but eventually they get the idea and are quite happy inside. After being indoor cats, many refuse to go outside anymore.

Ignore her when she whines at the door, and try playing some interactive games and giving her plenty of outlets for energy.
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I would not let her out, especially knowing there are predators out there.

My kitty Easy was a stray I found outside. I was determined to keep her safe inside because it just wasnt a safe outside environment.

You will have to be dedicated to transitioning her and possibly losing some sleep but if you will get up when she starts screaming and instead of open the door play with her for a bit distracting her, she will eventually accept.

Easy screamed to go out and thats what I did, distract her. It took some time and some patience but now she is content and NEVER cries to go outside at all.
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She's outside now in the rain, I'll get in now!
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I have 5 kitties, and they NEVER go out (unless they're in a carrier on the way to Uncle Dr.---that's what our vet calls himself). It's far to dangerous. Dear Pickle will get used to being a house cat, just give her a little time.
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I wouldn't risk it, not even once! She'll adjust to being inside, where its warm & safe!
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No outside kitties for me, unless they're in a carrier or on a harness. You have to be patient, but she'll come around.
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