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Monday DT

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We were busy.

We took Ike to the shot clinic, Saturday. Despite being in a strange place, with a lot of strange people and animals, he behaved very well. Its a wrestling match, getting him into the truck and he grumbles, the whole time we're riding around.

Speaking of shots, Bill is still feeling abit draggy. HE got his flu and pneumonia shots, last Monday.

I've been catching up on laundry and packing, this morning. I know that we don't leave, until Sunday but, this will be a busy week. We won't get anything done, Thursday and we're taking Ike to Katey's house, on Friday.

Did some shopping - bought kitty and doggy Christmas stockings. Now, though, I have to go buy another doggy one, for the new puppy. I hung ours, too and Rowdy keeps trying to pull Bill's down. Rotten cat!

Have a good one!
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Cindy - you are so lucky to get to go to Vegas! I haven't been for a couple of years, I love it there! Bet black 13 for me! (I won big time on that).

My weekend was quiet. John and I were both feeling under the weather, so for the most part we stuck close to home. I did buy another Siamese Fighting fish for the cats. Since our last one died withing 4 days of getting him I hope we picked a better one this time. Our last 2 lasted 2 years each. His name is Kamakazi.

My mom told me what she is getting me for Christmas this year and I think it is a great idea, as I don't really need a present. She is going to treat a needy family to Christmas in my name. She will purchase all they need for Christmas dinner and get presents for the kids. They arrange this thru our church. I think that is fantastic.

I hope everyone else has a good day!
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Ady....that is such a wonderful idea. I wonder if we can do this around here too. I would love to do something like that. I will definately look into that. I'll ask at my church.

My weekend was pretty hectic and I am feeling it today. I am so tired. Our Xmas party was sat. and on sunday, I was pretty mellow (and tired). Hubby says I snored all night last night. As if! I do NOT snore!!!! On a brighter side, IF I did snore, I am sooooo happy! It's about time he gets a taste of his own medicine. I don't know how often I have to poke him in the middle of the night.

Cindy, you are so lucky! I am sure you guys will have a blast.

Have a great end of day everyone!
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Oooh Vegas! It sounds so glamorous - full of rhinestones and glittering things. But if you didn't gamble (I don't cos I don't understand odds and things like that) is it still wildly entertaining? Is it far to go into the desert to stare at the stars and see cactus and whatnot?

My best bud caught herself a man this weekend. She has been chasing him for about a month, and finally got a snog out of him on Friday night. I'm pleased for her, but (sound of knitting needles clacking) I fear it won't last, as they are far too different.

I saw the post of the pictures of Bundelee (sp?)'s house and have just had a frantic vacuuming session, as my house looks like a rubbish-tip and I feel like a right slattern. All the newspapers from the weekend strewn all over the living room floor. The chap has left empty cans of cider piled around his pc. And I emptied my wardrobe onto the floor on Friday night and just left it. I'm pitifully looking at the washing-up praying for the washing-up fairy to make a surprise visit, but sadly she hasn't. Deep sigh. I'm jealous of all of you who can afford a cleaner.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday
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Flimflam, there's lots to do, if you don't gamble: the Shark Reef at Madalay Bay is a fantastic aquarium; each night, in front of Treasure Island is the Buccaneer Bay show: a pirates vs good guys show (free). There are lions at the MGM Grand as well as a theme park; the Ethel M chocolate factory tour; Carnival in the Sky at the Rio; animated statues and multimedia shows at Caesar's Palace; Mme. Tussaud's at the Venetian - the list goes on and on.
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Cindy I would LOVE to go to Vegas! It's one of those "things to do before I die" things on my list.

Flimflam - your house sounds like mine. Sunday's paper and advertisements all over the living room. Trent thinks it's great because he has all kinds of paper he can shred, but Ophelia doesn't like walking on anything but the floor (that's on the floor). She's a very fastidious kitty, and it's so funny to watch her *hop* over the piles of paper rather than suffer the indignity of walking on something. She's such a priss sometimes!

I'm pretty happy, I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week. The owners decided that we can have NO overtime on the paychecks, not even the mandatory Friday afternoons we work. We work 9 hour days M-T, then Kim and I switch off Friday afternoons to cover the phones. Normally, that means guaranteed 4 hours of OT per paycheck, but money is tight right now. Anyway, long story longer they want us to take a 1/2 day off when we work Fridays. So I asked for Wed. afternoon so I can spend the time making cheesecake. Just what we need since we are both trying to lose weight...not one, but two of them! I'm making a GIANT cheesecake for him (4 packages of cream cheese and 1 cup of sour cream!), New York style with cherry filling on top. For me, a smaller chocolate marble swirl. I think I will be brining a bunch to work on Monday to share. I can take pics and cyber-share with all of you if you'd like. There's no calories in cyber cheesecake! LOL
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Gary is a cheesecake NUT, so yes! Post Pics! It is one of his favorites of all things (besides me ) for sure.

Cindy - I love Vegas. We used to get out there fairly frequently when we were based out of L.A. - but it's been years now, and I expect it'll be at least a few more.... sigh. Have LOTS of fun for all of us! Can you take some pics? We'd love to see 'em!

Ady - what a lovely thing to do! Friends of ours kids have taken up giving all the presents they get to an orphanage. It started with their birthday, and now they're doing it for Christmas.

Gary and I decided that this year for ALL our family we'd give to the local no-kill shelters and rescue organizations in their names. Since we've all been adults in our families for a while, we usually just send several silly (cheap) joke gifts - you know, like a slinky or a wooden "gun" that shoots rubberbands, silly putty, puzzles - that kind of stuff. It's fun!

Happy Monday!
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