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Momma doesn't know shaved daughter--Help!

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Our two kittys have been with us 5 years. When the momma adopted us, we elected to keep her and one of her kittens. Now the "baby" is five years old. For all this time, they have been well behaved. They have always cuddled together on their chairs, window shelves and in their baskets. The momma is a tabby and her daughter looks like a Maine Coon. When we took the baby to the vet this week, we decided to have her shaved since her fur was becoming matted. She was anesthetized for the procedure and came home woozy, looking like a miniature lion. The unintended consequence is that momma kitty doesn't recognize her and hisses and growls at her. Momma won't have anything to do with her; won't let the baby near her. This upsets everybody and the "baby" doesn't understand why her mother is acting like this. Does anybody have any advice for reconciliation? We've tried bringing them together while holding them, but so far that hasn't worked. Help!
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Vanilla extract!

Dab on the back of BOTH of their necks. They will smell the same to each other, and will get back together again.
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It's because 'baby' smells of the vets, it will wear off soon or you could try rubbing a cloth on one then the other so that they smell the same. Some people use a few dabs of vanilla essence on them both.
Don't worry too much it is a temporary thing.
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The appearance and the smell of the vet, etc. is causing the reactions. Try putting a little cornstarch baby powder on both so they smell the same.

You need to get some combs and as the fur grows out, do a routine grooming on the longhair so you don't get mats and have to shave kitty again
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