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Just wanted to say Hello and introduce mysefl

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Hello everyone. I'm Kyttin. I have 5 wonderful cats. A 8yr. old named Ninja Su, a 4yr. old named Scooter, a 2yr. old named Pokemon, a 7mo. old named Tomas and a 14wk. old named Belle. Ninja Su, Scooter and Belle are female and Pokemon and Tomas are males. Scooter and Belle were faral Cats that I took in.

This is a really nice forum here. Everyone seems so nice. I'm glad I could be a part of it. Nice meeting you all.

Have a Great Day!!

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Hi Kyttin,

Welcome to you and your fur family. I love the names of your cats, especially Ninja Su.

Everyone here is nice, and willing to answer any questions you may have. Check out the Lounge, where we talk about everything and anything under the sun. Hope to hear more from you, and more about your furkids!

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Welcome to the site Kyttin! Your fur-family sounds wonderful. Do you have children or are you just a kid at heart? I was wondering because of the name Pokemon...

How wonderful of you to take in ferals! There are so many people who don't give these wonderful cats a chance. Check out the Feral Colonies forum. You may be able to help someone working with these types of kitties, since you have experience with at least two.
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Ninja Su is a show quality tortie point himalayan. I used to breed them and had one stud who's name was Samurai. He was a blue point. So I had a Ninja and a Samurai. At the time I named them I was into martial arts so that's where their names came from.

Yes I have one Child, my husband lol. He is the one who named Pokemon. Right now my cats are my kids.
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Hey Kyttin - welcome to the Cat Site. I too love the names of your kitties. Maybe you have some pictures you can post? We're all suckers for cute kittie pix!

Chat soon!
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G'day and welcome to the site
Nice to meet you
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Welcome welcome!! your babies sound great - love th names too And yes as Yola said... we all love pics!!!
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Hey...those names are awsome! So glad you choose to come and share. We need folks like you.
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Hello, I have lots of pictures of my babies but I don't have a scanner so I can't show them to you. I maybe I can describe them a little.

Ninja Su is a tortie point himalayan with blues eyes of course.

Pokemon is a brown striped tabbie with a white chest and belly and white front paws and his back legs are all white. The bridge of his nose and whisker pads are also white. He has greenish gold eyes. He is a very large cat. We call him moose for short sometimes.

Scooter is brown spotted tabbie. She has green eyes. She is a very petite cat with lots of attitude.

Tomas is an all black semi-longhair w/gold eyes. He is of medium to large size and is still growing. He is your typical lap cat.

Belle is almost all white accept her tail is grey and she has some small grey spots on her back a sides and her ears and the top of her head are also grey. She has slate grey paw pads and greenish gold eyes. She kinda reminds you of a harlequin Great Dane. She is all legs and tail. She has what my husband and I call insta-purr.

Well I hope this helps since I can't show you any pics.

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They sound adorable, all of them. Tomas sounds a lot like my Trent kitty. I have a petite little girl with lots of attitude, too. I think that's built into being a petite girl kitty.
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